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Suddenly my thorasic back is giving me that horrible aroung the body hugging pain

where your ribs hurt and every slight movement pulls have managed not to have this for some time but it just came on friday and wont ease off.

To cap it all my lovely daughter who has ME/CFS is finding life so hard. Her desire to hide in bed is ten fold.

What is the real difference between fybro and CFS/ME ? I just want to cuddle her better !

Does anyone know how I can help her

So this is a good start to a warmish Sunday. sorry . Right the picnic is on so let me know what you are bringing and suggest some music..........:) xgins

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Morning gins so sorry about your daughter ... Sounds like you have a flare up of chostochondritis ... I have it 24 /7 with it varying in degrees of pain from annoyingly sore which is comstant then nastily painful where it hurts to breathe or lift anything soI know how you feel with that... I have guarded the chocolate cake with my life and am bringing that .. And some scotch eggs..... I asked my son if his band would like to come and play for us but he mumbled sundayleavemealone.... Or something like that ... So I,ll bring my iPad it has a very eclectic mixture of songs

VG x


Abba would be nice and the carpenters and nat king Cole for when we have that restful period when the sun shines, I could bring marmite sandwiches but not sure if anyone else likes them.....sorry u having pain it has explained a few things to me I thought I had cracked a rib or something lol , I'm amazed that since I have come onto this site how many other people have had or do have the same pains and problems as me, in a way it makes it easier to accept, because before u thought what ever different pain or problem u got thrown at you it was a deadly seriouse problem, not sure if I have made sense in what I ave just written,..have I??? Ask me if I haven't ....where are we going for this picnic, hope your pain eases soon gentle hugs ...Dee xx


Hugs to both you and your daughter.


Well hi gins lovely to see you in here despite not been so good ( not been on myself not ignorance just lots things)

Sounds like your having it a bit rugged around edges but I can relate Its not nice.

Hope it eases for you or you get some sort of relief .

Just rest best you can .

As for your daughter I have a friend with Cfs/me and it is not nice it holds to their bed a lot .

I have severe sleep deperavation so neurologist tells me huh how does he wrk it out .

Anyway I not that bad I do get out and about as I MUST.

Just being around for her but most of all each other as its not nice for both of you with your own things going on .

If she has help hopefully not so bad for you to worry so much as you do not need any stress either. If she does not then if you can be around when in need if stuck in bed.

My friend requires a fair bit of attention or thinks no one cares too and its not the case but sometimes its so hard when your busy too xxx

Xxxxx big hugs to you and your daughter x


Hi gins!! Sorry to hear you're in down mode right now!! But I'll certainly come to the picnic but I don't know what to bring!! I could make some cheese scones if my hands hold out for long enough, and I could bring some home made pate too!! Just let me know when and where, and if anybody needs a lift there!! I can take 4 more people with me and my boot is big enough for about 2 wheelchairs!! XXXXXXXX


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