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having a real down day today

i am feeling really down today , i seem to keep crying uncontrollably ,i am sick of being like this and trying to be ok for everyone elses sake, my partner has been unkind to me off and on all weekend when all i want is a cuddle, he says "he doesn't do sympathy" , i don't want sympathy i just want a bit of love and understanding....

i will have to make do with a cuddle from my hamster...really fed up with pain, everything is getting on top of me i feel like alice in wonderland when all the walls start closing in when she is in that small house....soz to winge xxx

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dont be sorry hun we are all here to listen sending you a huge gentle cuddle just to keep you going :-)

its hard for our families to understand what they dont suffer from even though they do try its frustrating for them too as they dont know what to do thats why you have us here to help you through it coz we know what its like and can be there for each other keep your chin up hun things will get easier we all have days when we feel like this just keep smiling hun and stay strong you have come so far already xxxx


Hi Just wanted to send you hugs (((hugs))) I could do with some myself life can be hard cant it but we just have to plod on. Its a good job we have this site to help one another and be there for each other take care


Bless us all and huge soft downy hugs to us too, having Fibro is not good at the best of times but at the momment its as though we are permanently living in Winter!!

I have had a couple of hours in bed this afternoon I couldn't keep my eyes open, but I don't feel guilty, I have to do what I have to do!!

Keep going xxx


hello I am so sorry you are having bad day (I had 3 of these last week) i agree with harvey above it is hard when families dont understand is your partner always like this or is he having his own bad day I hope you feel better soon this site is helpful and kind everyone of us on here understand how each other feeling can very each day take care love beth xx


Empathy from me too , after a week of feeling like I could fight the world ( or at least the DWP ) last week, I've hit a real downer .

Not very nice of your partner to say he doesn't do sympathy . I do know it can be stressful for them too , but we feel the stress AND the pain.

have a hug from me and I hope things pick up for you soon.




Hi hunni, its true we are all here for each other. We are all in the same boat. Im sending big hug & lots of love to you. Helen xxx


remember you are special god doesnt make junk you are special and you matter next time he hurts himself tell him you dont do sympathy either. we are here to hold you up while you cannot hold yourself up huggies from me the kind that fits all situations. petal


thanks all, helenuk1963, you say is my partner always like that or was it a off day, well no it is not a off day,he is 20 years older than me, and i feel that he feels he has to punish me for daring to get ill, he supports me physically but not emotionally, he says stupid stuff like he excepts me but not my illness,(i wish i could not be ill!!) he says i give in to it ,and stuff like no pain no gain, then he can turn on a sixpence so to speak and be nice again, i think it is cos he drinks in the local a lot, but i am so fed up in general , i don't want to fight him, the dwp and fibromyalgia...... i thank one and all for the support on here you are all wonderful and i feel its so overwelming that i can come on here and talk to ,and talk with people hugs to one and all xxxx


p.s when i told a friend on the phone this morning i feel a bit rubbish and she said , "all you need is rubbing out and re drawing"!!! i thought yes i would want to be drawn back a bit slimmer a bit taller maybe, but definately WITHOUT fibro xx


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