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Yet anothr dr visit!

Finally plucked up the courage to see the dr about how low i had been feeling to basically be told that i just have to aceppt fibro an get on with my life as best i can! Obviously i knew that but the whole point of the visit is because i am struggling to just get on with things thats why i wanted help! Oh well, back t the drawing board while i wait to go to the pain clinic


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I hate that attitude, i would see a different doctor if i were you, you have the right to disagree honey. I'm on antidepressants have been for years and have tried to come of them many times but never last a year of them and finally i was told i will always be on them at a low dosage and that suited me and depending on what i am going through at the time i sometimes up my dose but not for long. I have seen so many different doctors since and before being diagnosed ( partly due to being and army wife at the time). I have found that being as assertive as possible helps;remember they are not gods and are just ordinary people.

Just like therapists, consultants, friends and partners you have to try many before you get the right one for you.

My back has been quite bad again ( had discectomy about 6 years ago) and i was back at the doctors and refreshingly he asked what i wanted to do so i told him i wanted an MRI and some Diazapam and a pain killer and i got all 3. MRI on the 22nd October :)

Nobody knows your body better than you .

I suggest you go see another doctor and ask them to do the depression/anxiety questionair.

Hope you get help soon honey xxxxx


So sorry to hear that you didn't get the help that you were hoping for. Perhaps a new GP might be advisable if you have to wait a long time before going to the pain clinic? Jane x


It is horrible to be told that you just have to learn to live with a complaint - I know because it has happened to me with my mini-stroke type episodes and CFS. But once you have got over the hurt and anger it actually gives you the heads up that you have to reorganise things so that you can do what you HAVE to do and can squeeze in the most important things you WANT to do (for me it is my concerts) and just discard all the crap that you think you should do but actually do not need to do very frequently if ever.

I'll save my little tiny bit of energy, my extra few spoons, for seeing David Essex, the Bay City Rollers, David Cassidy, Donny and Marie and The Osmonds over the next 7 or 8 months :-) and forget about defrosting the freezer (it's working okay - just a tad snowy), washing the conservatory floor (the dogs will only muddy it again) or vaccumming under the bed (who looks under the bed for goodness sake?)

Julie xx


I think we do just have to get on with it. The non-believers continue to not believe. We have to be strong, as we always have, and get on with it. The more we stress about those who won't listen or understand the more energy we waste. And we don't have energy to waste. I am lucky in that my GP understands. But that doesn't give me any more access to drugs or therapies than the next knackered middle-aged woman. So I listen to my body, rest when I can and get on with life. I have to work, have a son with Autism, have no partner to support me, so ultimately it's always up to me. Life can be a pile of rubbish, so to speak, but we have to get on with it, or give in. I owe it to my son to keep going.


I do usually just get on with it as i also am a single mother who works. I was attending college but have had to give this up for a year as i am so exhausted to commint to it in the evenings right now. I am only 26 so this has been a huge adjustment to my once quite active life


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