Restless Legs

Suffering very painful legs while in bed. If i don't fall asleep within 10 mins of going to bed it can take me hours . Take Amitriptyline 50mg , Tramadol and Voltarol on my knees and ankles. I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow hoping he can help. Was wondering if anyone out there can point me in the right direction. Government keep pushing me to work but find it hard just coping from day to day.

Had Fibro / ME for 10 years and apart from tests never had an support with my condition. Just wondering if that's the case with everyone else.


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  • I take lyrica, cymbalta, and soma all for fibro and neuropathy. Of course I take other meds for other things. But do talk to your doctor about the legs I am sure s/he has a better understanding of your issues!!

  • It may be worth asking for a sleep study. There are medications for RLS :-)

  • As Telynores says there are meds that might help. When I first had it with a horrible hot burning sensation that made me try to move around in order to help it the doctor tested me for iron deficiency as he said that was often the cause. Unfortunately, in my case it was not the answer but worth asking about. I have to have a walk around but I do find that either putting a spare pillow between my knees if lying on my side or under my knees if on my back somehow helps and so does cooling gel. Hope you can find a answer as it is horrible.x

  • I find magnesium spray very good From Holland and barrett. when my legs start 'buzzing' as I call it. LOL. If that doesn't work, as said there are meds your Dr can give you.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. I can see that you have had some wonderful replies, and a sleep study sounds good to me personally.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I had EXACTLY the same symptoms until very recently - it was driving me crazy. Almost as soon as I got into bed it would start, and like you say, unless I was able to fall asleep quickly I was doomed. I'd go and read in the spare room until it calmed down, which was sometimes 4.00 am. Although I shouldn't have, I even occasionally used my liquid morphine to control it and get some sleep, I was that desperate! So, exhausted and in a worse state than I'd been in for years, I went to see my GP who is very kind and knows I don't bother him unless I REALLY need to. He gave me Clonazepam and it was like MAGIC, I kid you not. Since then I've been sleeping like a baby, and not waking up several times a night, and even better I had been waking in the morning with a lot of leg pain, but not any more!!

    Having said that I know, of course that the same things don't work for everybody, but Clonazepam has absolutely transformed things for me, so I really hope it might do the same for you.

  • Artyrosie, Hi! Do you know if the Clonazepam is for the leg pain or to help you sleep through it/ignore it?! I'm really having restless legs a lot lately, often kind of a tingling sensation, or occasionally different ~ a slight numbness going from my feet to up around my ankles. I'm on morphine instant release tabs, I usually take one near bedtime ... so I don't know if Clonazepam will mix with morphine and/or all the other meds I take ... I'd have to consult with my pain mgt doc, but I'm now awake thru almost every other night!

    Thanks for the info ~ it's always so great to learn of something that is a help for someone else! bk

  • I think it might be a bit of both really. As far as I understand it Clonazepam is for restless legs, but does also have a sedating effect? Its not a massive effect - I take it an hour before I go to bed, then I generally read for an hour, and even then I don't always go straight to sleep. I have no idea about how it mixes with other medication - you'd need your doctor to tell you that. Restless legs is strictly the involuntary twitching of the muscles, which wakes you up or stops you going to sleep - you didn't mention that symptom so just thought I'd check whether we're talking about the same thing here? Hope this helps?

  • Thank you all for kindly replying to my post. Talked to my doctor and he has suggested adjusting some medication to help.


  • Hi fibroman, i found vit d supplements from doc really helped with this. A quick blood test will confirm if you are low, which is usually the case with fbro. Epsom salts in the bath is also terrific for aching muscles. All the best

  • I have Restless Leg SYndrome nd take two doses of 5mg of Diazipam a day and this has reduced the problem by 80%. Drs don't like prescribing it as it was overused in 80s for anxiety. But used of scrip for RLS it really works for me.


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