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Restless Legs?

I've been increasingly suffering from this syndrome - didn't realise it is common with fibro - and its been worsening lately to the point where my sleep is seriously affected, and I was getting desperate. GP has given me diazepam as a short term thing, and I have slept OK the last two nights with it, although it isn't something I want to depend upon. I already do all the right things - like no alcohol - but can't manage the exercise it is suggested would help.

Any experiences or helpful tips to share? If this is a problem many of us will experience we need to pool our coping resources!!

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stretching the muscles gently before bed, walking around for a few moments helps me. I take Ropinerole every night and it's made a huge difference to me.



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Hello, I also take Ropinerole and have been taking 1mg per day split into 2 halves. Because I get it 24 hrs a day and not only at night, I was taking half mid afternoon and the other half before bed.

It was getting to be a pest again and so I have had it upped to 1 and half a day.

I was told that it would happen sooner or later but am satisfied that it lasted at least 10 years on the original dose .

In the mean while hot baths and showers help. or rubbing in a pain relief gell.

Another thing that works for me is my old electric shaver, the scratching and vibrations seem to help. besides keeping my legs shaved also helps, the hairs catching on my clothes were setting it off.

If all else fails there is always the soap in the bed trick, its supposed to work though no one knows why. Put a bar of soap under your bottom sheet near to your feet. :P

And no I am not having you on, It really is supposed to work.

Hugs sue xx


Hi Artyroise

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering with this, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for? I do suffer with this issue but nearly as bad as yours, so I do not take any medication for mine.

Take care

Ken x


there is an inexpensive product called Freeze Gel which I rub into my legs when it starts and it works pretty good for me at least I get some sleep it was reccommended to me by my grandson who is a footballer and its what they use on the field for injuries x


Thanks everyone - the diazepam continues to help, so at least I'm catching up on my sleep. Had not realised that it could happen through the day as well - mine tends to follow the classic pattern of starting during the evening when I'm relaxed (ironically with my feet up). To be fair the recent episode of severe problems did start during a period of extreme stress, so there could be a relationship there also. However, the pattern of my Fibro has changed again - don't you just love it when it does that, just when you'd adapted and were living successfully with it? Now I'm getting a LOT of pain in my legs and feet through the day, even when I haven't done anything or been anywhere. Ho hum, this too shall pass, and workmen are right now engaged in replacing the front door and building a wheelchair ramp, so there's lots to be grateful for!


Try to find some time for exercise daily as exercising helps to relieve fibro pain and also helps to keep you fit and energized daily.


I used to suffer with RLS so really sympathise. But last November, due to very low Vit D levels, I started taking Vit D supplement. Now this is probably only coincidence but the restless legs disappeared! If nothing else works it's probably worth a try.


I've been taking Vitamin D for some time - suggested because I don't get out as much as I'd like to. Can't say that its made any kind of difference though. The diazepam is working, and I've had a few better nights sleep, but I was only given 10 and its clearly not a long term solution.


I take requip from my doctor I'm disabled and can't walk


Ask your doctor to try Ropinoral. It does work. I've stupidly let mine run out and have been suffering over the Easter weekend badly. 😕


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