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restless legs

hi, Does anyone have any trouble or experience restless legs (i think thats the name). I have no movement in my right leg as some of you may have already read and i use crutches and a wheelchair but my leg keeps twitching and jerking and it can happen in bed or even in the day i was told it only happens at night so i was wondering who had experienced this. Thankyou

Nicola xxxx

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I believe restless legs can happen anytime of the day, but could be wrong. I tend to get it in the evening and during the night. When I used to work nights I'd get it during the shift. So it can be at rest and when "active".

Sorry I can't be of any more help.

Is x

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Hi, it can happen any time of day but usually more noticed at night when we tend to be more still. I take Ropinerol which helps me a little.




Hi there Nikk,I've just replied to your post this morning asking if this is what you had.Have you not been prescribed anything for it?I don't suffer with it myself but I know that yikes who is an American member on here does so maybe you can try messaging her to chat with her about it.She is very nice and helpful xxx


Thank you for the very nice comment, I appreciate it...

you may write to me anytime by PM..

You may have RLS if you have a constant need to move your legs around..

Usually the sensations that cause you to move your legs is felt better when

the legs are at rest. Walking helps, a change in position can help..

RLS is a daytime and nighttime disease..whenever the legs relax...

Feel free to contact me. Good luck Sweets! =)


Hi sweetie yes I suffer with this I have to take 2 Pramipixole tablets at night otherwise it keeps me awake it is horrible and if I forget to take my tablets well that's no sleeping for me :( its just one of those little pesky symptoms I suffer from with Fibro. I hope you can get something to ease it for you it can drive you nuts :) sending very gentle fluffy hugs xx


Hello Nicola,i have same thing and have to take a Repinrole tablet an hour before i go to bed.My legs drive me mad,can't keep them still so i understand. Best wishes Maureen xxx


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