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Restless legs

I imagine that this is a common topic here, but I was wondering if anybody knows of any relief for restless legs. I've had a similar thing in my armpits for a few years, but my new medication drives me wild when trying to sleep at night. Between RLS and the muscle spasms, it takes me a while to get to sleep, although the meds (Amiltyptiline) do make me very sleepy. I like the tiredness, but the RLS is really annoying, not just for me, but for my partner too.

I've tried getting up and exercising, but I usually end up hurting all over and not being able to sleep.A bath is too hard work when I'm tired.

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I was told to drink tonic water its the quinnine in it that is supposed tohelp. I have a friend who swears by it x


hi have you mentioned to GP

last year when my neck went and all the tingling and pain started in both sides i got RLS they would shoot all over place .

THis year not as severe as was i am on lyrica but i also take Diazepam for muscle spasms.

I originally was on Amitryptiline but was tken off, so maybe question this and they may try something else.

always ask GP does not matter how many times you go with something you do not understand they are getting paid.

Yes a lot of us suffer with it

hope it settles for you .xx


I have RLS in my right leg and when it happens I end up with cramp in my toes and thigh it is horrid. I was told that they can give you something for it ,but I havent asked as am having problems with med's I am on now. I dont like taking tablets but have had to now.

Gentle hugs to you x x

Rainbow x


I have been diagnosed with RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), along with Fibro and CFS/ME. I take Methocarbamol tablets for the spasm, stinging, twitching, jerking etc., 2 x 750mg tablets per dose. Within one hour my symptoms have eased back to bearable instead of being unbearable.

I would suggest you try to get a referral from your GP to either a Rheumatologist or Neurologist who would examine you and hopefully give you treatment for this. Of course you could speak to your GP to see if they could treat you, I found mine refused to help me with this but was happy to refer.

RLS is a horrendous condition to have, it can feel relentless. However there is treatment out there.

Also there is a Health Unlocked community for RLS - it might be helpful to you to join there as well as here for Fibro. Here is the link to Restless Leg Syndrome which is the name of their forum -

I hope you find this helpful and I hope you get some help and relief from this soon.

(((hug))) xxx


I've read about tonic water too, and also magnesium tablets.


I find that a cool-pack from the freezer, well-wrapped in a towel, seems to soothe my twitchy legs quite a lot. Also, try to make sure you have plenty of fluids to drink, as dehydration definitely makes it worse. xxx


I was prescribed Neurontin for nerve pain since I started taking it almost two years ago my RLS have disappeared. What a reliefe not to have the symptoms of it any more. I can remember not being able to sit in the evenings and watch TV and some nights getting off to sleep was impossible.


when i feel the tingling start in my legs i use any cheap brand of hayfever tabs, for the anti histamines, seems to work, i have had it for years and never found any of the remedies towork i used to be up in the night having cold showers on mylegs and everything to cool them down but this seems to work now :) i have no idea why. lol


I have read on here & tried the "Bar of Soap", & it works for me!!!

I sit on the sofa in the evening with a bar of soap between my thighs, or if I have my legs up on a stool, between my calves. I've NO IDEA how or why it works, but am soooo pleased it does!

Try it! Cheap & no side effects, I'm told when it dries out you need to replace it. I've also got a bar in the bed, it stops cramp as well as twitches. The soap is supposed to absorb the electrical impulses in your legs so they don't jump about (???!!!). Very weird, but it stops mine if I use the soap before they get regular spasms

Try it! I was sceptical, but it truly helps me! Good luck, gentle hugs xx


I am definitely going to try the bar of soap idea tonight, it beats taking lots of meds during the night. Let's see if it works for me! ;)


i have just got myself a bar of soap i will let you know if it works thank you xxxx


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