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Restless Legs

Most of us suffer from all sorts of problems, and electric legs or rather "restless legs" are a bain in most lives- you go to bed "thinking" of the leg problem and that induces the legs to start. So whats the answer??? Here's mine..

I Put radio on sleep mode for an hour or so, put a tens machine onto my lower back right near my bum and set it to tingle the nerves- pulse mode works for me. Use it for half an hour to an hour and take it off then try to sleep.. Much better than taking Med's that screw up the system or produce other side effects- at least this way, my body hasn't had chemicals put into it to control what is a nervous system problem..

You see; its the brain having a "last" thought before going to sleep that does it.. so stop with the last thought routine, think of anything else.. Kids playing, driving car up long winding country roads, flying with your arms open across open land visiting new places... anything that detracts your thinking just before you go to sleep- and please don't write saying you tried it last night and it didn't work.! this is a routine to practice for at least a two weeks or more- the more you try, the better the leg situation will be- i won't promise perfect results, but if you keep at it, it will work for you-

best wishes to you all..

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Whats a tens machine? I take a natural stress resuce pastille at bed. It calms my head and body. I am willing to try machine.

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I hope my reply helps..

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Ebay item number 181886403802 is exactly what I use-

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Good message thanks. I was thinking of getting a tens machine. My wife borrowed one when she was pregnant and it worked for back ache. Boots sell them but Im sure they are cheaper online. Where did you get yours.

I agree that pumping your body full off chemicals is silly as you dont get true feelings but just a zombie state. I know meds work for some people, but not for me and its good you agree.

There are so many natural ways to cope and a tens machine is a good one. They just stimulate nerves with electric impulse.

I would like to know of other natural ways to deal with the effects of fibro.

I know there are many foods but there must be other methods too. I know about meditation, distraction and mindfulness. But any other advice is welcome.

Thanks David.

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My tens came from Glan Clwyd Hospital in 1998, they were in the process of buying newer versions and they didn't have half the functions the old one had.. But I didn't have a clue what it was at first- I thought it was a small transistor radio..because it looks like one!

To everyone else who is thinking of buying a tens, try ebay, go for one with variable settings-

NOT a one size fits all type- because you'll be disappointed...

or if your not sure, go talk to advisor in Boots the Chemist..

make sure they know you want one that's got variable volt, pulse, constant or slant on or off as it is very important, so to adjust to your condition-


Thank you so much for sharing your experiences as it is genuinely and sincerely appreciated. I want to genuinely wish you continued success with your TENS Machine.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I have had my say about restless legs on another post.

All i want to say on this one is to please ask to try a TENS machine out before spending good money on one. They dont suit everyone.I cant use one but my husband has been using one for at least 20 yrs and wont even go on holiday without it.

If one brand gives you problems try another, It may just be that a different brand will work better for you.

Good luck to all of you. i hope you find what you are looking for.

Sue :)


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