Hip pain

Evening all,

Today I have suffered pain in my left hip and knee, I get pain in my right hip from time to time but never usually in my left. I wish I knew what was going on. I have another appointment on the 1st Aug to see the rhuemy. Just feel completely washed out. The weather we are having here in Scotland is no joke, dull and wet!!!!!!!!! Sorry for being a misery guts tonight. xx

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  • Hi Ryanbone

    Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. Sounds like you are having a bit of a flare up.

    Make sure you rest as much as you can and nip it in the bud. Have you tried a heat pack? Or some heatrub gel?

    I get pain in both hips if I walk too fast or walk too long. It is a real pain in the ass hahaha

    Do you live in Scotland? I am Scottish but I live in North Wales now

    Used to go back to the Trossachs in the Autumn and enjoy walks - can't do it now but still have my beautiful memories

    Where about are you now?

  • Hi Landslider,

    Thanks for the tips bud, I'v just applied some cooling gel to my hIp, great minds think alike alike eh? Yes, It's miserable just now here in Scotland, I live in the county of Fife. The sun is usually spliting the trees but this summer so far has been a bit of a wash out, I know the bad weather doesn't help with pain. It just felt a little strange as I said above, I don't usually get bother with my left hip. Hopefully It will have eased by tomorrow, here's hoping.

    Thanks a lot my friend, take care,

    Soft hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xxx

  • Hey Elizabeth

    I used to live in Kirkcaldy. my brother and dad are still there.

    I have also live in Dysart, Gallatown, the Fairway and the Links.

    Do you know any of them - what a small world it is

    You take care too ;-)

  • It is a small world isn't it, I live in Lochgelly OMG how good is that. I 'm very pleased to meet you. I used to love the links when I was a little girl, bit too scarey for me now though.

    Hope you have a pleasent nights sleep :) xxxxx

  • Nice to meet you too - hope you feel better tomorrow -Nos Da as we say in Wales :-)

  • Cheers buddy :) xxx

  • Hi there

    Sorry to hear you are having a rough day.

    Unfortunately Fibro can strike us at any point at any time. Fibromyalgia is a very unpredictable condition.

    I have had Fibro over 30 years, but have just developed knee pain so badly, that when I do actually get off to sleep, the pain is waking me up again.

    It is especially bad in my right knee.

    The added problem with me is that I have HMS too, so my knees do pop out occasionally.

    I do hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    Gentle hugs

    Lu xx

  • That must be awful for you, Is there nothing the docs can do to help aleviate the pain and discomfort? xx

    Wishing you well and painfree today :) xxxx

  • Thank you :)

    I honestly haven't had a pain free day in 30 years.

    I am taking lots of pain killing medication which takes the edge off my pain, but doesn't take it away completely.

    I have osteoarthritis in my lower back too. I think the only thing I am good for is the skip :)

    Hope you have a better day today

    Hugs xx

  • Never my friend, there's no way your going to the skip, tooooooooo precious fo that :) xxx We need you here :)

    Soft and gentle hugs :) xxx

  • Oh my goodness. I have a lump in my throat. What a lovely message. Thank you sooooo much :)

    You're very kind my friend and have tonnes of compassion for everyone.

    Wishing you a really good day

    Lots of gentle hugs xx

  • You too my friend :) xxx

  • Sorry you are feeling poorly, hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Thank you lou,

    Hope you have a good and painfree day too. ;) XXX

  • Gosh BlueMermaid

    That must horrid. These things are certainly sent to try us xx

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a night of respite for you too.

    My knees are okay at the moment - waiting to have a large cyst drained.

    Had it for over 12 months and now that they agree it is not in my imagination and have actually seen an enormous bulge on the scan - blummin thing seems to have vanished hahaha

    Moved into my shoulder I think - that's what wakes me up every night now hee hee

    Do you think I should just tell them they made a mistake on the paperwork and it is actually my shoulder not my knee heeheeheehee lol

    Hope you have some relief tonight anyway xx

  • Thank you :)

    You could always give it a try! lol

    I did actually manage to get some rest last night which does not happen very often.

    This morning I feel like a complete zombie. Oh well, I doubt whether my children will notice any difference lol xx

  • Perfectly alright I think we all understand! I hope you feel better!

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your next appointment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you Ken,

    I will let you all know how I go :) xxx

  • I understand just how you are feeling - I have a double hip whammy at mo and both legs misbehaving and back lower middle upper and on..on.on.on,non

    Sorry bit borring today but I sincerely hope you feel a little better and this hug helps you ((((((((((x)))))))


  • Morning Ginsing,

    Thankyou for tha beautiful hug, I will keep it in my heart all day :) xxx

  • Hi there

    If you're not on ibuprofenen see if your Dr will give you 10% ibuprofen gel it really helps me.

    I hope its not too rainy thete as it never helps

    Best wishes

    Jan h

  • Hi Janh,

    Thank you for that, I'm currently taking Gabepentan and Naxproxen for pain. It seemed a little weird that it was my left hip yesterday, It seems to have subsided this morning(fingers crossed) :) xxx

  • Hi, fingers crossed for you. Good luck jjanh

  • Last night my right right hip was playing up and sending pain down the rest of my leg down to my ankle.

    I used Volterol on my hip and a pillow between my knees to keep my hip in line, it took a bit of fidgeting about to find the best position but as usual it worked.

    Although the cause of your pain may be different you may want to give it a try.

    Sue :)

  • That's what I do with my shoulder hahaha - anybody looking in would think I had an affliction for pillows the way my arm is wrapped around it hahaha - only way I can get some sleep.

    Just as well I don't have a partner - they's have not pillows - I would probably kick them out and anyway as I couldn't bear anybody to be near during the night - hahaha newspaper write up - husband replaced by a pillow lol xx

  • Same here, snap x

  • Morning mayrose,

    Last night when I lay on my left side for any length of time my hip started to go numb all the way down to my toes (awful feeling)

    In may of this year I had a MRI scan done on both knees, cause they were feeling very heavy indeed. I try to watch my weight, trigger foods that that cause me pain. I am 5 6 in height and weight approx 9 1/2 stone. After stressing my concerns to the GP on several ocassions, he put it down to my work at that time. Eventually he sent me for a MRI scan which revelled a meniscus tear to my right knee and bone thinning. My left knee showed bone thinning/ wear and tear. I am still currently waiting for a Physio appt. My Chiropractor recommended I get an exercise bike, which I have done. This will strenghten my knees without being unkind to my back (ha ha ) Touch wood as they say, the knee with the tear at the moment seem to give me less pain than the other one. I was really scared when I started to get the numb feeling:( However it seemed to have eased a little this morning.

    Hope you have a good and painfree day:) xxxx

    Soft hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xxx

  • Hi Elizabeth

    From experience - if you have a tear and it is causing knee weakness this will impact on your hips due to the added pressure from being imbalanced.

    Is there not any way you can speed up the physio process?

    I had physio on my knees 5 years ago as I seriously injured both in a ski accident. I had to learn to walk again but they mended super quick with the physio exercises. I was back in work after 4 months and fully functioning.

    Stiil had some pain but as they got stronger it diminished.

    Completely different with my shoulder though - I've been having physio for about 3 months now and feels like it is getting worse - the pain is horrendous.

    Physio said shoulders are much more complicated than knees as knees as hinge joints and don't need to do as much work as shoulders.

    Can you afford a couple of private physio sessions - just to get you started. It would be well worth it cos you could carry on doing the exercises and you would see a big difference in your hips too once your knees are stable.

    One really good exercise is to sit with a soft ball between your knees and squeeze it - do 10 reps 3 times a day every day - it really helps.

    Another good gentle one is to sit comfortably and just stretch your leg in front of you - i.e. lift your foot up off the floor until your leg is straight. Make sure you are sitting comfortably and don't point your toes - hold it for the count of 5. Do each leg alternately 5 times. If you do this once a day and you can gradually increase the length of time you hold it as your knees get stronger xx

    Give it a try but do try and push for the physio - worked wonders for me.

    Best of luck

    Margaret xx

  • Your a star Margaret,

    Thank you for your help, I will certainly try these out. My goodness you had to learn to walk again, I'm so very proud of you, that's amazing, you are certainly a lady to be admired. :) :) :) :) xxx

    I phoned the Physio department, they said I will get my appt in the next 2 weeks. Apparently the surgen said I have had this tear for many years and yes your right it is affeting my hips. Sometimes It's like someone using a grinding machine on my hip, It also locks ocassionaly.

    If the physio dosen't work or help then I will be having key hole surgery, that doesn't scare me, what scares me is my other knee now. Sometimes I feel like I am carrying another body on my back.

    I'm sure with the right support I will improve. I am quite a positive person and am proud of who I am, this helps me to cope with other area's of my life.

    Thank you again for being understanding:)

    soft hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xxxx

  • Hee hee I was walking around like Golum at one point - it was a sight to behold hahaha 😁

  • The whole of my right leg goes numb when i lie on my hip and if ignored will get more and more painful until even the top of my foot hurts. I had it once when the same thing happened sitting down as well.

    The odd thing is that they dont hurt when i walk about.

    Puzzled the doctor, so was given valterol with the instructions to let him know how i got on, good or bad.

    Volterol and a pillow works so i havnt had to go back.

  • Hope you're feeling a bit better today, I have terrible knee and hip pain which is my osteoarthritis made worse by this awful weather, yes it's the same down here in Wales 😟

  • hi, I have had pain in my right hip for 3 years. I've had physio, injections, one injection done in theatre. my main reason for the pain is calcification. I have a large piece in my hip so go into hospital 7th august to have it removed, he was going to do arthroscopy but it is too large so will have to do an incision. I make a lot of calcification ? cause, I hae it in my other hip and both shoulders. ive had 3 operations on my left shoulder and one on right elbow.

    have you had x-rays or scans to see what is causing your problem. wishing you all the best. dilly x

  • Mrning dillydally1,

    I Wishing you the very best on your fourth coming operation.

    Yes, I have had an x-ray on my left knee, they said it didn't show arhritis and a MRI scan on both knees, showing a tear, bone thinning to my right one. wear and tear, bone thinning to my left one. Awaiting pyhsio for my knees and have another Rhuemy appt on 1st Aug.

    I used to take Adcal from the GP, this was causind a lot of pain, and when I had a blood test done It showed that my arteries were being calcified by this tablet.

    I don't take it anymore, the advice from my chiropractor was to take Vitamin K2 and D3 500. This has certainly helped, my blood test now shows my arteries are back to normal. It just shows you what one supplement can do to you. If you take this medicine pls have It checked ut.

    Wishing you well, lots of soft and gentle hugs and positive energy coming your way.

    Elizabeth :) xxxxxx

  • I forgot to add, this Adcal also played havoc with my Thyroid. Now that's at borderline now :) xxxxx

  • Hi Ryanbone

    I suffer hip pain too, just like you said....... If I walk too fast or too long. With me tho, I start dragging my leg, it started in my right hip......then after a while it changed to the other one. According to my doctor, this is very much normal. Once inflammation starts, it creeps round ur body like wildfire. At one point I thought "The doc would think, I'm going slightly mad". But after I plucked the courage up to tell him, he confirmed it to be true. Hope this helps!!!!! X

  • Thank you my friend,

    What treatment did your GP offer you?

    Take care :) xxxxx

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