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hip pain

the pain started when I was working out one day and I just assumed that I was sore; however, it has gotten much worse. The pain centers from the outside of my left hip, but goes down to my knee and up to my lower back. I am no longer able to sleep at night, because every position is extremely painful. any position, standing or sitting, that is not painful, soon becomes painful after a couple of minutes. I can't seem to figure out what might be the cause of this pain. any ideas would be great, thank you!!

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Hi hun, could possibly be sciatica. Doc, will be able to diagnose better. I used to get it a lot, very painful, even with treatment can take a while to clear up xx


I get hip pain too that keeps me awake all night. I have had no sleep at all last night. I have put it down to fibro pain because I can't think what else it could be related to.


I too suffer with hips and the Doc says it is siatic but you must go and see him to have it investigated. Then you will get the proper meds for it. INmean time try hot water bottles or cold on they numb the pain! xgins


I would go to doctor and get this checked out but I can say this was how my fibro got diagnosed. I had been tired all the time with general aches but this terrible pain in hips and knees for some years. It was only when I could hardly walk or sleep because of the hip and knee pain that they really too me seriously. I had bone scan to rule out the weakening of the bones so really you must get checked out by a doctor.


Hi sorry to hear you are suffering. I too get hip pain my right hip is the worst. I have been diagnosed with hip bursitis. I have steroid injections in mine every 3 months which help. I think you need to go see your gp. Good luck x


Hi can you tell me how long you have

Had this for, I can only sleep on my back

As both hips hurt if I have pressure on them

I have just had my second bout of it in my

Left hip hurts like hell, I have always got

Pain in my thigh and hip. Just wondered

How long you had it before you had treatment

Thank you so much

Hugs Viv xx

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Hi there blackoutb sorry you're having problems with pain in the hip I think my first suggestion would be to pop along to see your GP about it who can examine you and decide what treatment to give you or even send you for an x-ray, however personally it sounds like a trapped nerve to me or slipped disc but I'm not a doctor so please don't take my word for it.

I have painful hips and lower back and use a topical pain gel but there are differing types so it would be best to see your GP or even local pharmacist for advice. Remember I do also take a menagerie of medications as well.

Wishing you relief soon and send you pain busting fluffies infused with sunshine

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Get a referral hun. I started with your pain over 2 years ago took over a year for correct diagnosis. Gp thought it was muscle tendon pain rheumatologist thought it was hip bursitis then xray of spine showe d bone spurs and bulging discs it was referred pain coming from lumber spine

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I have almost the same but mine is hip and thigh

Very painful it's bursitis which I'm told is caused

By fibro

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Hi I have had it for about 2years but only got diagnosed last year following seeing a physio. She suspected this then sent a letter to the gp. He then examined me and sent me for an xray to rule out oestoarthritis. I have had several injections now but they are only short term solutions. I find hot baths and hot water bottles help. Have you spoke to ur gp yet? X


Hi All interested in all this posting I have been down the buritis route and eventually it was disproved by MRI scan so not Fibro related. I have however now been given osteoporis as an answer and can get interbone injections up to 3 times a year if pain does not settle. It seems crazy but a little moving helps the build up of pain . Staying still makes it more stiff.


Definitely go see your GP, they may initially do an xRay but MRI or CT scan would give better results. From how you describe your pain is sounds like sciatica, however ?i am no doctor so please dont take my word for it. If the pain just wont go and your sleeping is made worse by it you really need to be seen.

I am just going on my own personal eperience as hip pain that is referred down to the knee is often coming from the spine. I was born with dodgy hips and have had more hip op's than it feels like I have had hot dinners!

Its very interesting hearing about others that have had injections in the hip. I'm asuming its the same as I had done last year but was mre for a bit of a test than anything to see if the pain was coming from my hip. We already know it needed replacing, but normal xRays werent showing it as getting any worse, but the pain was, so my conultant wanted to see how much pain relief i would get from an injection in my groin into what joint space I have left. I got all of two days reduced pain! He honestly didn't expect very much any way, but the test was even if I got two hours it showed him where the pain was. It may be that what had is a completely different type of injection.

I know they can do them in the spine, under xRay conditions and they can be very effective. They aren't as awful as they sound either.

I wish luck and I hope they can sort you soon, so the sooner you get to the GP the sooner you will get a diagnosis. Xx


Brutsis/ inflammation !

I have it in my left hip so sore, get to see ur doc/pain clinic!

At min I go to physico but nothin seems to help it it's constant clicking /clunkin/sore! Strengthing exercises r meant to help it but really not sure as I have it a yr&been seeing a physico fro August ! Mmm hope u feel ease soon ! X


Cudb brutisis/ inflamation?!

I have this is painfully sore no tabs help it either!

Best thing to do is see ur gp/pain clinic they might refer u to a physico !! Hugs x


Hi blackoutb

I am so sorry to read that your are suffering in this way at the present time. It does really sound like sciatica but as I am not a doctor I cannot say for definite. I would go and see my GP about this as it could be so many things from a disc problem to Fibro? I think if something new or something I was unsure about crops up I would always go and see my GP.

I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to your issue.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi . I also think you should seek advise from @ least your GP, who could maybe refer you for an X-ray of Hip.

I suffered the same last year, could"nt sleep (or walk) on my right hip or back because of 3 pro-lapsed discs.

For some sort of relief I ended up buying a king-sized Quilt, folded into four to sleep on with hot-water bottle on hip.

I tried many different medications/gels/sprays, to relieve the pain, it was absolutely horrendous! Like you it went right down to my knee, ended up down to my ankle!

I wish I had sought help sooner with my Rheumatologist, after X-ray, immediately diagnosed my with "Bursitis", I was in a Wheelchair because I could"nt bear any weight through my hip @ all. Thankfully, she gave my an Injection in Clinic. Which did relieve the pain within a couple of weeks! I was just so grateful to her for acting on the spot. I am no specialised by any means and not saying you have Bursitis but it is defiantly worth a visit to your Rheumatologist (if your under care of one), sooner rather than later.

I certainly would"nt leave the pain get to the extent if it returned again. Not when there is help out there. I am guilty of not bothering anyone and self-diagnosing, that won"t be happening again!!

Hope you get some relief very soon, I can empathise just how painful it is! In my thoughts and praying you will be out of pain very soon. Take care.

Sending you Positive Healing Energies

Best wishes Betty Baby X


The Hip pain is felt around the middle part of the thigh or around the groin region. People tend to assume that the pain will emanate from directly above the hip.

The possible causes might be:

* Bursitis

* Tendinitis

* Arthritis

* Sciatica

Can learn more about Signs, Symptoms and Treatments here


other than cortisone injections, is there anything else I can do to help with bursitis?


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