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hip pain

well if i say i have been in agony thats putting it mildly my left hip has been so bad i could hardly walk,so i took myself off to the doctors she examined my hips the left was so bad she said that it looks like i need a hip replacement if i do wpold i be willing to do that and of course i said yes anything that makes life more bearable.....well guess what after x rays there is nothing wrong with my hips !!!!!!he asked me why i looked disapointed my reply was hip replacement meant getting better !!!!!!! am i alone with this because i feel so angry and dont seem to have any hope left things just seem to be getting worse any hints or advise would be lovely.THANKYOU FOR READING THIS.......x

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Hello there Louda, so sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing with your hip. You did the right thing getting it checked out by your GP, then having XRays.

If nothing is wrong as the XRays and examination suggests, it could be muscular and more inclined to be Fibro related, although obviously I can't be sure of this. We can have chronic widespread pain with Fibromyalgia all over our bodies.

Here is an excerpt taken from info on our main site at FibroAction -

"Chronic widespread pain is usually the primary symptom of Fibro. This can be aches, as if you have the flu or have run a long race; it can feel like joint pain, as if you have arthritis; it can be burning pain, feeling like someone is pouring acid through your body; or it can be shooting pain, as if you are being stabbed with large needles."

Here is the link to read more about symptoms of Fibro -

Have you tried having a very warm bath with Epsom Salts, this could help to relieve your pain and help you to relax?

You could also try using Capsaicin 0.025% cream, this is used to help relieve pain. See more info on this by clicking on the link below -

Please consult your GP if you think trying this cream might help you, your GP can advise you on suitability etc.

I hope this helps. Take care.

(((hug))) xxx



I get a lot of hip pain too, mine is the right, which. Severely affects myobility. Unfortunately I cannot get in the bath.

I found it out by accident last year when I brought and wore controlled shorts for tum and bum. I wore them out to a Christmas do and found that my hips felt better. I think it's because it holds your muscles and joints in place. I now wear them regularly and they still help.

Might be worth having a look.



hi louda , i understand how bad your pain is as i am building up to hip replacement. I have had pelvic work done ready to accept it but am really trying to put it off as long as possible. Also i have only had the left side if my pelvis broken and moved back and new socket formed, right side is going to be harder as i have quite a bit of muscle missing, also hip replacements only last a certain time and follow up ops are harder to do

warm healing hugs to you xx


Hi Louda .. sorry to hear of your disappointment ...Think positively at least you don't need an operation......... you are definitely not alone!!! SNAP ....... I get hip pain in only my left hip ........ especially bad when I wake up first thing in the morning .......... it also feels very stiff ........ it gets gradually better as i get up and start moving around..... gentle walking, swimming, and simple yoga stretches all seem to help if you are mobile enough to do these .... just keep "moving" helps prevent my hip stiffening up. xx


I had hip pain and it ended up being bursitis in both hips...along with all the other pains of course! LOL


Greater Trouchanteric Pain Syndrome I have the same think in both hips so look this up as this is won,t i was told i had and had Had injections which there was nothing on my xray ,,,

hope this helps

merry xmas xxDebbie


hi there sorry your having trouble and sorry that the outcome of X rays was 'normal' but that is good thing really for you and its more about taking someting to control the pain surrounding your hips.

i well know this as although had no X ray last year i had MRI of my bottom half which was fine and it was only last month i started with severe pain and i get confused hips and waist lol daft yes i know!!

i suffer a lot with pain around my hips causing me to limp and hardly baraeable to walk! if at all my top legs were so heavy and my lower legs could not carry me at all and since then it seems to have moved in to which i told the Dr that i hope was a passing phase, it eased off so hopefully yours does too, but my problem with it moving in is that walking is getting much less a few yards and i need to sit down now .

I have had SS around and the Service has been unbelievable as they are brilliant!! they have given me Trolley to walk around with to carry my plates cups etc, and a chair to sit at work tops to prepare anything or wash pots etc as standing is such a chore for more than minutes.

so maybe you could get this service you just find your local service and believe me you have within days!! i am sooooo happy for the 'extra' little help and using my stick too can use around the house with bad days.

also i found that my time of month gives me something NEW or something OLD in a different form and has me laid up and not just laid up i mean uanble to do anything as it completely washes me out.

this weekend i am expecting something else as my ladiesthings waterfall has just moved in at minute my head is all over the place ..

so please ask your Dr receptionist to help you with number of SS and they WIll or should have you assisted in no time .

xxxxBest wishes Caroline xxx


I am in constant pain with both hips I often joke about needing a hip replacement before I'm 30 but just assumes as I have fibro that nothing wud be wrong with my hips its just the pain that isn't real but hurts! Am I wrong?


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