I went to see my GP on Wednesday about hip pain in my left side he did an examination of my hips and the left hip is very bad even when I sit down.

He told me to go to my local hospital where there is a walk in physio appointment system but only for the first 25 people starting at 8:30 in the morning..... I'm not going on a Monday the place will be packed I'm also having a few problems with my legs stinging sensation all the way down and in my feet.... I'm on painkillers morphine patch's and liquid nothing seems to work at the moment... I feel terrible at the moment off my food just don't feel like eating sorry for the moan guys.



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  • So sorry you are suffering like this Bob. It must feel as though you've been abandoned by your GP. Are there other doctors in your practice? It sounds as though another opinion is needed. You could also ask for a referral to a rheumatologist or a pain clinic, maybe even an orthopaedic expert.

    If you can make the physio session you could be referred on from there since it might have nothing to do with fibromyalgia. It seems really unfair that we who are ill have to make all the running to get something changed.

  • I truly hope you can get some relief soon.

  • I hope you get it sorted hun xxxx

  • Sorry to hear you are going through it at the moment.

    Hope you manage to see the physio this week and then you will get some answers and hopefully, relief


  • Morning bobajob

    I know it can be very hard getting to appointments when you are in a lot of pain and waiting in line is hard too, but, I think being seen at a drop in clinic quickly is an excellent idea. A physio should be able to advise you what to do next and they are very expert.

    The system for appointments is very different here... I had to wait 14 weeks to be placed at the top of the queue when they asked me to confirm if I still needed an appointment before they allocated a date for a 20 minute session.

    I hope you find relief soon xx

  • Hi Bob, the other pain you are experiencing is referred pain from your hip problem, you are very lucky to have access to a walk in centre, they are rare, use it a.s.a.p. you will find it much wuicker than waiting for 6-12 months for a rheumo doc appt.

  • Sorry you are suffering. When I had similar I had to wait about 3 months for an appt date and another 3 weeks after than so the walk (or hobble in) system sounds like bliss but definitely don't go on a Monday.

    When I eventually got to see a physio he admitted he didn't know all the ins and outs n fibro but did give me some exercises that helped which I still do and referred we do me to an acupuncturist and for hydrotherapy so hope they can do something to help you.x

  • Hi

    I have suffered from terrible pain in my right hip for the last 10 months. I have found a fantastic acupuncturist who trained in Chinese hospitals and uses very fine needles. He then sends pulses down the needles. He has transformed my walking after several sessions. I didn't go over Christmas and the pain came back, went back and the pain was controlled again. I now go every two weeks religiously and wouldn't be without it.

  • Hi bobajob

    I truly am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appointment. I have a similar pain and I was told that mine was Sciatica. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi, Bob your symptoms sound just like the same as mine, I've been to my drs nearly every month for the past year, I've been to see a consultant lately orthopaedic one, had a few x- rays and c.t scan they said I have arthritis of both hips a vascular necrosis of head as some flattening. Whatever that is could someone tell me please, and degeneration is present in both hips with subchondral cyst and osteophyte formation and some sclerosis of the femoral heads there is flattening of the femoral heads and possibility of a vascular necrosis. Also severe degeneration is present in both hips, there is also a lumbosacral degeneration. No wonder I have been in so much pain, do you get restless leg syndrome I think I do, I get bad leg cramps especially at night while in bed,, do your legs twitch below the knee in the calf muscles, my Dr said that could be the electrolytes in my legs, and severe nerve pain, so, he started me on gabapentin 100 MG's 3, at night. Does anyone have anything similar, and could possibly give me some advice, my legs feel really heavy like lead if I have been sat down for a while when I go to get up they feel really heavy and very painful to stand up, I now am using crutches, I have to its to painful otherwise, I also have water retention in my legs up to my knee, starting taking furosemide 80 MG's a day. Anyway if anyone has any similar would appreciate any advice or comments, god bless you all take care..

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