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Hi all

I am new here. I have been tested to RA and fibro with no definate diagnosis. I had a steroid injection on Friday and the pain in my right hip and travelling down leg has been unbearable for the last two days. I am taking gabapentin but am to scared to take the full dose Incase it makes me Drowsey and my stomach swells even more.

I cannot get my husband and son to understand how tired I am and how difficult to work full time. My husband has had to shop and cook tonight and goodness don't I know about it. I cannot get my 16 year old to do anything without a fight and now I am rambling because I am at my wits end!

Anyway, has anyone else had leg pain following steroid injection in backside?

Many thanks.

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  • Hi

    Welcome to the forum :)

    Unfortunately it does take a great deal of time to get a definite diagnosis. Have you seen a Rheumatologist? If not, it may be a good idea to ask your GP for a referral.

    If you have a look on our website you will find some information that you can show to your family fmauk.org

    However, this is a problem that many of us on the forum share. Trying to get others to understand how much pain and fatigue we are in is unbelievably hard.

    I have had a steroid injection in my shoulder and was told at the time that the pain would probably get worse before it got better.

    It took some time to work, but it did and lasted for about 3 months.

    It could be that the pain in your leg is not connected to the injection. Fibro pain can appear just about anywhere.

    It's great to meet you. I hope that you will find the forum informative and fun. Please do just jump into any 'conversations' or fun that is happening. You will find that you will be very welcome.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


    PS Just to make you aware that we are having some technical issues on the forum at present. If you are having difficulty logging in or sending replies it could well be down to those issues.

    If you need any help, please let me know and I will be happy to help.

  • Hay Jelly12

    Firstly, welcome to the most friendliest site for sufferers of 'Fibro'. You will find help and support, friendly banter, NO judgement allowed, and best of all, people who understand your problems. When Admin come on later, they will send you the official welcome.

    From my experience, you may have a back problem. There is a nerve that starts just above L4 in the back, called the 'illiotabial' nerve, that travels down the outside of the leg. Often, the pain is thought of as being local, but if similar to mine, is due to a prolapsed disc at tha point. Only an MRI Scan would identify this.

    Unfortunately, our wonderful NHS has decided to change the rules. Originally, your GP could request a scan, Now, it's only the Physio Dept at your local hospital that can request them. I lost 4wks whilst Physio delayed in sending the request. Decision made on 6th May, referral dated 22nd !

    I have had a steroid injection many years ago for tennis elbow, and since then, tablets at the onset of RA. I think I was prescribed too high a dose at the RA point, as it has effected my moods, behaviour, temper and consideration. There are blood indicators that will confirm RA, but non for Fibro, even the NHS site states that. Fibro diagnosis is: if pain in 6recognised points around the body consistently for three months, then diagnosis is fairly certain. Guidance added below.

    Rather than carry on here and preach to the converted, if you want more details, send me a 'PM' (see guidance) basically an email, and I will explain more than filling post box on here.

    Love Hayesider.

  • Thank you for your replies. I have had scans which didn't show anything which is why my rheumatologist rules out RA. He then took me off hydroxychloroquine and my symptoms have become worse again! Cried in frustration last week to him which is why he decided to give me a steroid jab. I am taking 200 gabapentin at night, 100 in morning and a 100 at lunch, this is helping a little and I am sleeping better. I just cannot seem to find a pain killer that works.

    I love my job and our house is a 'project', I just want to be able to enjoy them.

    My husband actually asked 'what has happened to your fun, your boring nowadays'. It's all so frustrating isn't it.

  • Best painkiller I have is oramorph liquid, kicks in within half hour (it's morphine thou so at extreme end) I also have 40mg slow realese morphine every 12 hours, my garbapentin is 600mg x3 a day, omparazola once a day to protect stomach lining from meds an meloxicam twice for arthritis even with all this full time works almost killed me got me mentally depressed an stressed and pain high with suicidal thoughts only never do it, so long term sick, an due to see a shrink doctor x

  • Hay Jelly12

    I would see GP and ask that he either prescribes Hydroxochloroquine for you, as it was more effective that jab, or refer you either back to same RheumyCon or another one. Then fight your corner for Hydroxochloroquine.

    This the second line drug for RA, and the one with least side effects. Say the injection made it worse, and you want back on Hydro, only you know how your symptoms affect you. It's all I have for RA now, had to come off methotrexate.

    Hayesider, hoping you are strong enough to stand up to them, take OH with you for support. 👫

  • Oohh Jelly12 I have to tell you that I left my husband because of his constant whining about my condition, some guys think we are a replacement for their mother! We are NOT there to fetch and carry for them its a Partnership when you get married-did you exchange vows? In sickness and in health? remind him of this.. I took my X husband to my appt.s so that he heard it from the specialists how this condition affects your health, for a while he accepted a "ticking off" for his lack of care and understanding, He decided he didn,t want this life having had to care for his previous wife for 15 years- poor him!!! A very me me me person I found, I agreed to divorce but it cost him dearly when he was exposed in court for his terrible attitude to a suffering partner. I hope you resolve these issue with him without going to the extreme

  • Hi and welcome and you're in the right place to ramble and rant . This is the place that we all let rip and others cheet us up or agree or disagree and often offer advice ....

    I personally say to you from me 'welcome to my world' And I was diagnosed up to 5 years ago now ... But I still can't come to terms with the tiredness .. My kids also get frustrated at times and say mum you've got to have atleast one day yoh can do sown thing . They don't understand ...

    Anyway good luck and welcome xx

  • Jelly12 , Since you haven't been diagnosed with anything yet, this sounds like it could be the beginning of sciatica, just a thought.Did you have the pain in your backside before the injection?? Sciatica normally starts in lower back or backside a band goes down the leg and can occur rather quickly. It is very painful as my mom had it and has had the surgery and it was very successful.Good luck.Peck 🐤

  • I should also say normally only on one side of the body . Peck.🐤

  • Hi Jelly12

    Welcome to forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have sciatica and it sounds a great deal like what you have described? It may be worth asking your doctor about this? I can see that you have been given some wonderful replies so I will simply and sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I get shopping delivered when hubby home so he unloads an I help put away but on the cooking front I never have appetite except chocolate which is weird as never has sweet tooth before condition, plus I mostly eat cereal as no energy, it's took a long time an depression has set in but my hubby mostly accepts limitations that I have as in nil cooking not saying it's easy because he works full time, an gets tired n grumpy too, but we been together 21yrs im 39 now n like a granny, I'm now on long term sick an 50/50 if imagining back as not going to work at least my family get a understood conversation off me an don't fall asleep half way through as I do when at work

  • Hi sorry to hear of your pain,i have had RA for 14 years since i was 39 and fibro for 2.I am on so many tablets and inject myself once a week.Although sometimes the pain makes me cry and cannot get out of bed the thing which upsets me most is i've lost the person i was,i no longer feel like getting glammed up to go out my hair goes into a ponytail albeit a wonky one as my hands can't pull it tight enough can't do my make-up as cannot put my my hands up to my face long enough,and my clothes cannot have zips or buttons as i cannot undo themI think sometimes i just want to stay indoors but i do go out and really want to be happy but i just feel so tired and in pain and sometimes just long to be just for one day that happy carefree person i was all those years ago have a good day and pain free take care x

  • I agree with the previous comment I thought it was sciatica too .... Maybe not .. Hopefully more tests will tell you X

  • Hello Jelly12,,,,your first priority is to get yourself in better condition,,,,,take your medication and go with the the effects,,,,,your comfort is most important.....your husband is now going to have to the cook, cleaner,and shopper,,,,,he will have to take on the jobs,,,,,as for your full time job,,,,,have time off with the sick notes,,,your body needs the rest,,,,,don't try and go on,,you will make yourself,,,worse.

    Now as for your belligerent 16 yr old son,,,,,don't clean up after him,,don't make or change his bed,,,,,and make your husband take him to task,,,,to make him do household chores,,,, he cannot continue to be lazy,,idle and fighting the requirement to be a part of the household,,,, everybody has to do their part,,,,tough love is now what has to come to bear,,,,,good luck and a talking to all about how things have to be,,,and what you need them to do for you and in the house,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Thank you so much for all your replies, I can't believe how many off you have taken the time to be so kind.

    I am very tearful tonight after seeing my husbands car on the pub car park after work so cannot say much but I will heed all of your kind words. Xxx much love to you all.

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