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I need someone's help I'm really tired have been since I got home from work nearly 2 hours ago I work at royal mail I had to be moved work areas this week cos they have brought in finger sanners and I can't use them cos I've got a history of eplisply the area I'm on nw is too much for me I've been told my manager did her best to get me on there and it's only place in the building I can work nw I told a member of my union that I was thinking of leaving and she advised me to stay cos it is in my best intestes but not if I'm feeling like this everyday but if I leave my job I won't get any money for 3 months unless I'm sacked but if that happened my gf would kick me out matthew

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I was so sorry to read your post I had to leave my job of 15 years because of osteo and fibro and it is a horrible feeling. It is much better as far as benefits is concerned if they finish you because of you being sick if you walk out unfortunately you are making yourself unemployed as far as benefits are concerned.

How long have your been with your GF are you sure that would be her response as people can sometimes amaze us how understanding they can be. We assume they will react in a certain way and that is not always the case. It is not as though you are lazy or anything you are trying to hold down a job in very difficult circumstances and that shows a lot of courage. Yes it is very awkward with Epilepsy as my OH is an Epileptic and lost his driving license for 3 years whilst they tried to get tablets that would stop the episodes he used to have to commute 4 hours a day and sometimes more to get to and fro from work and I saw the way that affected him.

I would personally take the unions advice and get their support every step of the way. Please let us know how you get on.x


Hello rosewine been with my gf about 7 and a half years and she's told me I need to be working to help pay the bills and would I get any money if work let me go for health recons cos my gf works


There are benefits out there so have a look at the Gov.UK site and type in Employment Support Allowance to see the eligibility rules. There is also PIP Personal Independence Payment so look that up as well. It is actually amazing how you can get down on outgoings as my OH and I unfortunately had to give up work because of health reasons exactly a year apart him first and then me. We realised that we had been buying alot of things that we could do without and also saved alot on food and not having takeaways etc.

The CAB could also advise you if you did not want to ask your Union for help so you know exactly what you would or would not be eligible for. If there are forms to fill in see whether you can get help from them with them as they are not the easiest. Fibro Action have access to some of the guides that are on the Benefit and Work site and they are excellent.x

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Hello rosewine thanks for the advice I'm going to speak to my doc first on tues when hes bk from holiday and tell him how I'm doing and what I'm thinking of doing and all the advice I've had from u lovely people on here thanks matthew


Hi Manu

What an awful dilemma. I can completely sympathise with you. I am experiencing a similar scenario at the moment.

All I can say is that if you have diagnoses that mean you are protected under DIsability and Equality Laws your employer will have to legally make adjustments to help you stay in work or complete all the legal processes of proving you are not 'capable' so stick with it and if you are struggling go to management and tell them that you feel like the job they have moved you to is affecting your health - there are legal processes they need to follow.

I f they then there is not a job to suit your health, they will have to retire you on medical grounds.

Please don't just leave - you will feel even worse then because you won't get any help - your union should be able to advise you more.

Hope things work out for you ;-)


Hello landslide I'm on the only job in the warehouse that I can do nw my manager had been everything she can for me I'm not sure if I'm covered under the disability and equality laws I know at work I'm only covered under the mental health at work act matthew


Hi. Im so sorry to read your post this morning. I gave up work two yrs ago and it did take a while to get help and I dont get much but I have total support from my husband and family that enables me to cope. Really sorry you dont have that. You need to look into it go to cit advice they will help you. On the support side of things were all here to help if you ever need someone to talk too. Best of luck. Hugs Deb x


Hello mamabassey awww thank u for your kind words and my union have said it's in my best intestes to carry on working and I shouldn't try talking myself out of a job


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this. It may help to keep in regular contact with your union rep and keep them up to date with everything that is happening.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hello ken I will tell my union rep when things are done cos they are not being helpful they think it's in my best intestes to stay in my job and out to talk myself out of it but surely I should put my health first

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Matthew, Hi!

Mdaisy and others have referred you to links on the Health Unlocked site for research information, and how it can help answer your questions. These sites should have info regarding benefits, when and how they happen.

Seems the opinions of some, even your Union, are that you should not voluntarily leave your job, because you won't get benefits if you do (I definitely don't know, I'm not in the UK!).

Have you actually been told by your girlfriend that she would leave you after being with you so long, over seven years? Or is this something you just assume will happen?

I am reading lots of posts from you, trying to understand them ... Are these often the same questions posed in different ways? Perhaps it is just me, in my "sometimes Fog" ... If so, please forgive me!

I hope Mdaisy's site reference is of help in order to avoid something that is not in your best interest. I wish I could assist in some way. I surely know that Fibro can be so very difficult and confusing ... bk


Hello baffledkaffy my gf has told me I have to leave I'd I ain't got a job cos I won't be helping to pay the bills


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