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Dispense with the crutch?

I'm 7 weeks post bunion op, with osteoarthritis in hands and feet. (Oh too young!) I've been back at work for a few weeks now, wearing trainers and using a crutch cos I can't take most pain meds. My question is - do I dispense with the crutch and try work shoes again, and feel like I can't go back to trainers and crutch if needed, cos people might think I'm a fraud? Or do I wear trainers and use the crutch for a bit longer til I'm sure I don't need them? Or one or the other?

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You know your body .. At home one night try on work shoes and walk without crutch if it hurts carry on with your trainers and crutches at work till you can walk round at home comfortably without them

VG xxx


Thanks. I'm walking around in workshoes today! I'm ok around the house, and in the building at work. It's walking from the car park to work that's the main problem. And I can't carry a change of shoes as well as work bag, laptop etc. Too heavy!


my opinion is you know how you feel and what you are capable of , around the house is one thing but outside is different as am sure we all know.

you could take it with you and trainers in a bag or just go with it as you have been , the time will come when you know you can let go!

your doing brilliantly keeping up work too with all you have .

hugs caroline xxxxx


Thanks fairycazzie. I don't think I have fibro tho. I'm seeing the rhuemy on Tuesday for various test results. I'm hoping its just oa. That's enough for me! I enjoy work. I would hate to have to stop. Keeps me sane, and distracted from pain, and distracted from the things I can't do, and stops me from thinking too much about being frustrated at pre-planning to do things. (Like carrying trainers as well as work bag, as well as laptop)! Sometimes I realise how much pre-planning I do without thinking!


Hi Rowantree ,do you use a backpack for your things and a laptop bag?


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