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Still 'Foggy@ and got big meeting to attend HELP !!!!

My hopes of a fog free day today have been greatly let down i'm afraid. Got a big meeting at work and don't want to look like a fool or worse........... Might have to try and get someone else to do it if I can. This really makes me feel worried about how long I can continue to work. I'm a nurse and have lots of responsibility. I've heard that FM does get worse is that true or is it how you manage the symptoms?

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im still on early days yet ,so im not the best person to ask ,but i would say i have some days even weeks where im not too bad with the fog ,i find worrying that you cant get rid of the fog makes it worse ,so i know its not easy but try and not think about it so much ,easier said than done i know :)


Thanks for that. It really helps knowing that there are others are experiencing the same thing. I'm bit better today. Take care.


Hi hun,your job in itself must be stressful,and I find when I`m stressed or really have to pay attention my fog gets worse.

One thing I`m doing more is crosswords and word puzzles,as even before fibro I thought it was a case of use it or lose it(your brain that is).

But I haven`t read anywhere that it gets worse over time.As we get older we naturaly become more forgetful.

But this brain fog and fatigue is a nightmare.

Hope you have a good day,and try not to worry that makes all syptoms worse.

Love and hugs Jayne xxx



Took your advise and a chill pill........ Meeting went well and I'm getting through the day bit by bit.



Glad it`s gone well for you martina.I really take my hat of to you that 1 you are still managing to work,And 2 the proffession you are in.

Treat yourself to something nice this evening,and continue to chill.

Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxxx


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