Diverticular disease

Hi all

I have not been on for a while tho I read posts most days.

I have been feeling not too badly over the past few weeks and thought great things are starting to settle a little bit, how wrong I was about 6wks ago I started getting very severe pain in my stomach and lower back, thought it was my IBS flaring up, so didn't think too much of it then bang the pain hit with a vengeance it took my breath away.

I went to the doc who referred me to the clinic and thankful I didn't have long to wait.

I was booked this morning for a colonoscopy they said it would not be painful but it was very painful but that's prob the fibromyalgia ,I had a sedative too.

i have Diverticular disease ,they also took biopsies and will get results to those in a week or two.

Hope your all having a goo dish day


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  • Colonoscopy exam is uncomfortable, I too have the same diagnosis which is very common, you do have to look out for pain with high temperature as it could be infection which can turn nasty very quickly, hope all goes well with your results xx

  • I have diverticulitis and diagnosed following 'oscopies.only know they tested for H pylori.but had no treatment.be interested to know what treatment if any you have

  • No treatment for diverticular disease, if infection sets in its an emergency as it escalates quickly. The only advice I received was the cure all lose some weight, I am, and due to other reasons never miss taking a dose of movicol and drink lots of water. xx

  • Hi have had a couple of incidences when ive suddenly "felt hot" and my stomach has distended more in the last couple of days.i have lost a stone in weight from hips legs and arms but stomach is not in my control.if it wasn't for that then I would be the correct weight for my height and build.have thin arms inproportion to the rest of me.i was given Movicol and it was changed to another med as movicol left a lot of residue in the bottom of the glass so not beneficial.even if I have no appetite I drink plenty.

  • I don't have a problem with movicol, I mix it really well with plenty of water and it always dissolves to a clear drink. I also had tests and was found to be lactose intolerant now I rarely get the awful bloating, also I avoid gluten, have not been tested for this just trial and error, not so many digestive upsets now. xx

  • Hi there see you were tested for h pylori . Was it negative ? I keep hoping they find out my tremendous servere problem ? Thy also mentioned to me after three Long painful years about disbosis, on meds at the moment fingers crossed. I am also waiting for colonoscopy. I'm really at my wits end🙁

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I also have diverticulitis. I was diagnosed by a consultant who gave me an Ultrasound as I cannot have an endoscope and I refused a colonoscopy after having one previously.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thank you Ken, I didn't think it would show up on an ultrasound scan as "inside the colon",do you have any specific pain from it,.i have on my left side below my ribs.

  • The consultant said it was not the best way to do it but it worked in the end. I get really bad lower stomach / rib pain and I have multiple swellings which appear to move up and down the area (they probably aren't moving it just looks that way?).

    They have said that I can have surgery if I wish to remove the lumps but it would not really solve the diverticulitis though so not sure whether to go ahead or not?

  • I have diverticular disease too. I get pain in the lower right side of the abdomen, from it. Have never had diverticulitis that I'm aware of. Recently my brother was rushed to hospital with abdominal pain and he was diagnosed with diverticulitis, and he had not known he had diverticular disease so it was a bit of a shock for him.

    I have HEDS (Hypermobile Ehler's-Danlos Syndrome); diverticular disease and fibromyalgia are both symptoms of that. It might be worth you looking into EDS.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments, all I was told , eat a high fibre diet and drink at least 8/10 cups of fluid. I dare say I will hear in time if there is anything showing on the biopsys. Lizzie

  • Ihi I have also diverticulardi disease and so did my father-in-law fortunately he bled to death with it he didn't know he had it he started bleeding around 5am took him to hospital Oldham in ambulance he was left in a room four hours constantly losing blood they didn't come and see him until about 1pm didn't give him blood transfusion after complaining they put him on a fluid drip doctor then said he would be fine and would be OK to go home in a few days so I went to get some nightclothes for him on arriving back at the hospital my fathers last words were (martin) that's me then he died 2011 it was diverticular disease that killed him and doctor didn't do anything to help him so it's more serious than you think get the facts your live depends on it it can be fatal my father was (76) then my sister died at (50) in 2012,then my brother died last month aged (56) they all had bowel problems I'm (47) I could be next one you start bleeding from back passage that's when it's time to start worrying I cannot believe my family are dropping like flies be aware and avoid painkillers anything that thinnes the blood like alcohol anticoagulant medications,Thanks for reading my sad experience hope everyone stays healthy.

  • Really sorry about your family v. Very sad how did you find out you had diverticulitis? And how is it managed?

  • I have been for a colonoscopy today and been diagnosed with diverticulardisease I also have fibromyalgia ,is this another symptom of fibromyalgia? I also had 8 biopsies done during the procedure and want know results for few weeks . Luckily I was fast tracked as I had chronic diahorrea for 5 weeks .

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