Breast pain

Hi every one hope your all doing ok . For the last 6 weeks I have had very sore breast, any way went to doctors who refured me to get a mamagram as he said there was a lump, so for 2 weeks I have been worrying and in a lot of pain , so to day he said I am all clear and said its the fibro, I didn't know you could get fibro pain there , is any one else a where of this , my neck and shoulders are painful now too and carnt turn my head. Thanks Annie xx

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  • breast pain can be eased by taking evening primrose oil( not suitable if epileptic though)

  • O yeah never thought of that thank you.

  • The doctor put me on 80mg tablets (Gamolenic Acid) when I kept saying how sore mine were.

  • Hi Annie so glad it is not anything like cancer. We can and will survive Fibro with the help of each other so I send you a hug Take care xxgins

  • Thank you very much . Take care . Annie

  • so glad everything is ok...and glad that your doctor got it checked,its so easy for any pain to be put down to fibro! and sometimes its I have said before.....fibro means muscle and myalgia is pain so easy for the medical profession to clump everything together..i had pains for years,and went through,,flat feet...torn ligaments..strains..overweight you name the end I put my foot down ..had some proper tests and discovered I had RA! then later on with other symptoms fibro as well.. x

  • I have been getting breast cysts for approximately 7 years now, they couldn't give me a reason for it. At the same time I started getting my symptoms for FM, it wasn't until I was diagnosed with FM at Christmas gone that I was diagnosed with the FM. Since then I have been told that my cysts are another symptom of the FM though not a common one. Sometimes they get really big and painful and I go to the breast clinic where they drain them for me. Hope this puts an end to your worries though, like me, if you get the lumps keep getting them checked just to make sure. I call my cysts my friends as I get checked regularly so if anything sinister was to pop up it would be dealt with really early. You are the first person other than myself who I know has this symptom which in a weird way is nice to know, i'm not alone with this one anymore. Stay strong. xxx

  • Really pleased to hear that you've been given the all clear.

    I guess we're all different and the fibro affects each of us differently.

    I hope you find the evening primrose oil helps as Summer suggested.

    Becky. X

  • hi there yes I had the same problem in 1983 I had many lumps in the breast, I also have huge lumps that come up under the arms, I have been tested and examined ect and was told its the fybro and was told the lumps under arms are muscles and glands and and will go down, and they were right, they keep coming up especially in a flareup and the breasts become lumpy they did give me a name but have forgotten but its caused by the fibro, as Gins said earlier us fibro's have been dealt a raw deal, gentle hugs to you all ....Dee xx

  • Hi, don't know your age but when l was younger probably in my mid 40`s,l had really bad pain in my breasts especially the left one,l was given evening primrose by the doctor,obviously a certain strength and it did take about 5 weeks to work but it did and l took it for years,it did go as l got older and lm well into 60`s now so stopped taking them ages ago and do not get it now except the odd time, but who doesn't.Hope you are easing now,but evening primrose is wonderful once its gets into your system.

  • hi i am so glad you scan was clear. i have noticed i have a dimple in my right breast and sure i felt a lump. i will go to doctors to get a scan as i am in high risk as my sister and mum had breast cancer .i had a scan 18months ago and it was all clear so fingers crossed it is fibro playing up.xx

  • Hi Annie,

    I'm sorry for your dismissive treatment from your GP about something you are clearly concerned about. I always have breast pain despite having a radical masectamy so I have no tissue at all, I asked my surgeon who said it was the Fibro and may I may always have it. I hope this reassures you. I find paracetamol helps with pain so it might be worth a go if you can tolerate it and take it with your other meds. Look after yourself and if Gp continues to be so dismissive I'd mention how upsetting his attitude is, after all you didn't ask to be ill Chin up chuck. xxx

  • Thank very much for your replies its very reassuring and helpful , Annie

  • Hi it's exactly what I'm suffering with now Hun,I've found more in the last week now I'm fed up again and I'm starting to feel like a real pain in the butt going to doctors all time,I've had two mammograms and they said they where limphnodes since then I've found more not just in my breasts but in my neck and they swell up all the time when my fibros bad,is there a scan I can have that will tell if they are all limphnodes or could it be something else.....which I'm trying not to think about. Thank you for listening Annie u take care xx

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