Oh no....not Tramadol

Well after popping my heel mid November I have been in constant pain. But knowing how the fibro works i.e. makes pain worse I tried to ignore it, until today that is. On the way to collect daughters catheters, tip-toeing through an underpath stream the had become an overpath river, I felt somthing rip in my already limping along painful heel. Limping so badly on the right foot was putting so much pressure on the other leg that I had to stop every few steps and it took me forever to get to the GPs. So I thought I would ask about getting an appointment in the New Year, time to sort it out. Anyway as luck would have it my own GP was free. He asked why I had not gone to hospital last time, so I told him with all the hoohar with daughter being rushed into hospital I had no time for myself or my ailments. Anyway he examined my feet and now tells me I have done even more damage. So off to see orthopedics January 15th. Then he put me on Tramadol. I have had them in the past and they make my skin feel like it is crawling. But right now I am willing to put up with it if it kills the pain in my ruddy heel. Who knows it may have some effect on the fibro too lol, although it did not in the past. But I am allowed to dream aren't I? Love to all members and here's hoping for a happier New Year and not too much pain or not too many flares xxxxx

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  • I wish you a very Happy New Year and a speedy recovery, but please, you are as important as your daughter and how can your family cope without you anyway - so next time, do what you would advise your best friend to do. After all, if you have no best friend there at the time, look in the mirror to see the one who won't be elsewhere! ha ha, meant to be amusing.

    Tramadol - yuck! Hate it. Does the same for me but also makes me dizzy and sick. I do hope you don't need it for long.

    Happy New Year!

  • Well hopefully just until I have seen the consultant and they decide what is to be done. It could be an operation, injections in the heel, anything lol, Lin<<<<<<<shudders. I would expect I will be sent for x-rays first as there is a constant cracking sound in my heel area and GP suspects it could have something to do with bone spurs. But whatever happens I will keep smiling, It may not have happened had I listened in the first place. But if I am stuck in a plastercast I think I will tear my hair out, another reason I did not go to hospital as a popped heel normally requires a cast. Would have looked awful on family photos lol xxxxx

  • Eeeeek I can sympathise with the tramadol gives me a splitting headache.... I thought it was supposed to relieve pain......

    Hope it works and you have a happy new year

    VG x

  • As long as it helps the heel pain I do not care about the rest lol. But it says 2 three times as needed, no way can I take 6 a day, I would go greyer than I am already xxxxx

  • Tramadol seems to work better if you take it with a couple of Paracetamol. It works for me, don't know if it would be any good to you, but worth a try!

    Love ...Moffy xxx

  • Yeah Moffy, hubby said that, he said take some paras with them. Will take 1 later with some paras for good measure. Thankyou xxxx

  • I was about to post the same thing Moffy

    Though I would suggest just 1 paracetamol rather then 2 initially, I only ever take 2 with them if desperate.

    The reason that the combination works better is because it then targets 2 types of pain, also Ozziegirl, taking a paracetamol might take away that 'crawling' sensation & VG's headache.

    I hope you all get the relief that you need ;)

    Jane xx

  • Think I read this from you before Moffy and since taking one tramadol with 1 paracetamol I feel a bit better, more in control and less panicstriken about my reliance on tramadol so many thanks xx and hope it works better this time for you ozzygirl and that you get some relief xx

    and happy new year to you all, love shads xxx

  • i could not get thro a day without tramadol and paracetamol i take 6 normal ,1 slow release Tramadol and 8 paracetamol a day , its what keeps me going not all meds work for everyone

    warm hugs xx

  • The only thing that bothers me about Tramadol hun is the fact they make me itch like hell lol xxxxx

  • I have got to say I live on slow release tramadol 400gr twice a day hen I tried cutting back it was shear hell . Good luck with your foot sounds horrid Happy New Year :p xgins

  • Hubby had a terrible time reducing them from 6 a day to 4 a day, but he got there. But for me it takes itching to a whole new level lol xxxxx

  • I get itchy if I take more than two tramadol a day but sometimes I have to. I also take them with paracetamol which works well for me. The downside is I'm restricted on my choice of antidepressants which I'm struggling with at the mo as tramadol doesn't work well with them.

  • well I am taking one morning and night, and where it was taking the edge off the pain in my foot, it is not now. I am itching like hell with two a day and while I would love to take more I am not weilling to take the chance of ripping my skin off lol. I can stillt ake the amitrips with them though so this is a good things. And I do not intend to have the tramadol long term as I know they can be addcitive, and tonight I am struggling to spell lol xxxxx

  • Have you told your GP, or ask a pharmacist if your able to take something piriton or another anti histamine?

    Jane xx

  • I have been on Loratidine for quite some time now, before the Tramadol. So I am thinking to myself, how bad would the itching be if I did not have them? Hopefullt once I get my foot srted I won't need them xxxxx

  • Hi everyone, sorry to have been absent rough few days before christmas (my father passed away) which triggered an almighty flare-up and thanks to my caring GP she gave me a weeks worth and then another weeks worth of diazepam which helped with the back probs & sciatica, christmas and new year were pretty good but now i've gone and got my sleep pattern all wrong again... but I popped on to say that I take Tramadol at least twice a day (2 pills each time and again at midnight, if i need to) on top of this I am taking cocodamol and amitriptyline.... I won't bother listing the rest as they are non - fibro related anyway, Just came on to waffle and say that the combo of tram & cocodamol does the job for me most days.

    Anyway just wanted to wish you all a good a peaceful 2013 xxx

  • I am so sorry for your loss hun, so many things make us worse but the loss of a loved one has to be the top[ thing in my reckoning. All I take for the fibro is Amitrips and paracetamol, nothing else. Once my foot is finally okay the GP will take me off the trams again. Most stuff in the way of pain meds kicks off my stomach and duodenal ulcers. Again hun so sorry for your loss. My friend was telling me today that her friend and colleague had lost her dad too. so sad. Love to you and your family xxxxx Lin

  • Thanks Lin, we knew it was coming tbh but he missed my mum so much and she passed in March 07, very unexpectedly at that was what I think started the ball rolling iykwim....

    I take cocodamol because I have prolapsed discs which touch the sciatic nerve leaving me with permanent sciatica on top of everything else..... ah well, we get on don't we ((hugs)) to you too....



  • I have osteoarthritis of the spine and that feels bad enough. Mother in law has akylosing Spondylitis and yesterday she was picking up her hoover and something crushed down and I said that will have been a vertebrae. You and her must both be in agoney. well we are all here for you, and nice to meet you by the way xxxxx

  • Thanks :D I don't chat very often but I try and read the boards most days but my eyes go after an hour or so.... my mum had AS but not as bad as your MIL, I have osteoarthritis in both hips and today was a real doozy.... flat on my back all day! Thank goodness for audio books! I try to do a bit of crafting everyday and my latest is jewellery.... but I like trying all different types of craft from scrapbooking to card making to knitting and crocheting.... Nice to chat to you too :D xxxxx

  • daughter does a lot of crafting but she does not do kniting or crochet. I crochet from time to time, I find knitting to difficult now. But daughter loves her cross stitching and had done some beautiful pieces and anyone who gets one as a gift loves them. The only other craft she does not do is scrap booking, but she does cards, fancy gift boxes and the like. But she can not do it all the time as she is ill so often, but she fits a bit in when she can. She would have loved to take the card making up as a business but she could not cope with the pressure. I am hoping she will go back to baking some day xxxxx

  • Great to see you here Lisa!

    (Lisa is a friend of mine folks! :D )

    All the best for 2013 to you and your family Lisa xxxx

    ((((big hugs))))



  • same here Lin, i try to do one thing a day but i can't always manage that... DH has become Dad and Mum to my 3..... which is why I call him Mr Wonderful :D

    I love cross-stitch too, DH does digi-scrapping and you can download freebies from loads of sites.




  • Well I nearly killed mysefl yesterday getting the new quilt cover on but got there in the end xxxxx :-P

  • Thanks Libs, up and down days and its gone 5am and I'm still awake.... I dropped my bead basket earlier and have spent the last 5 hours putting everything back! Thank goodness its Saturday today Big (((Hugs))) to you too, Libs glad you are home and make sure you get some rest or as much as you can, must go and get some sleep so ttfn everyone and hope you all have a good weekend :D



  • I did that with my bead box, 15 compartments, filled with 6 colours, tiny 2mm beads, all over the floor, still finding them now lol. It takes so long to pick them all up and so back breaking too xxxxx

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