Ouch my tongue

Hiya everyone,

How are you all? I wonder if you can help me? Does anyone here bite their tongue? I find that I am constantly biting mine and it doesn't half hurt. I must do it at least 3-4 times a week. My tongue is always sore and hardly recovers from one bite before I do it again.

Any feedback and or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Kimberley (Babebatista)


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  • Yes quite often. I have assumed it is the result of the particular dentures I have now although I have noticed that it happens more often when I am in pain or stressed, so perhaps it is when my attention is totally distracted even at a deep level from what I am doing.

    Why not mention to your dentist next time you go as he can check the bite in your mouth as a first move.


  • What about something to wear over your teeth , I have one to stop grinding teeth . Has your tongue grown? Hope you find a solution .

  • Do our tongues keep growing then ? 😀

  • No idea if yours has then you should mention to GP

  • Yes I get that and also the feeling that my tongue is too big for my mouth, as said. Check with your dentist, I've got a denture plate which I think isn't fitting properly so I should sort it out

  • Yes I do it all the time. I think some of the tablets has an effect with givi ng us dry mouths which I suppose could make the tongue swell. Of course if you think of it the tongue is a muscle and fibro affects our muscles. As the others have so rightly said it is also worth checking with your dentist as your "bite" could be out.x

  • Thank you everyone. It is something I never even thought about going to the dentist about. I will make an appointment for a check up. :) xx

  • Hi Kimberly, where are you biting it? On the sides? the tip? I have TMJD and used to bite the side of my left cheek all the time. I wonder if, depending on the anatomy, if this might be a cause. I'm no medical so just speculating.

    One other question? Are you on gabapentin. I had to stop taking it because I was having spasmodic jerking, mostly of my wrists. When it spread to my jaw, sliding sideways or up to bite my lip, that was it. Over, done.

    So, just some ideas, but worth discussing with your GP, maybe seeing an orthodontist.

  • HI Clare,

    I keep biting it on my left side (mostly). I'm on Pregablin, Dyhydrocodeine and Amytriptaline and been on them for ages. I have to be careful with my meds as I am allergic to some of them. I will talk to both my doctor and dentist about it. xxx

  • I have read the message that you sent to me on the other post asking about this, and I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi there, yes I do this often, but always thought it was because of my low B12, not the fibro. Low B12 can mean our tongues become swollen and with rough edges , so they get trapped by our teeth more easily. I have caused painful blood blisters by biting my tongue, and ulcers. Hope you solve your problem. Mine is better when my B12 levels are good. MariLiz

  • Before diagnosis, I thought this was because I was too darned tired to co-ordinate my tongue and teeth when eating, looks like, from all these replies that it's 'just another' fibro-feature

  • Blimey, I thought that it was only me that had this problem. I am totally fed up,of biting the side of my tongue. I have lost count of the number of times that I have woken up only to find that I have done it again.

  • I bite my tongue at night when I sleep. I got a mouthguard in the local sports shop. It has worked great but some nights I remove it in my sleep. It's a shield that you heat in water then when soft mould it to your teeth. I also grind my teeth a lot. Does anyone else do this?


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