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They are reconsidering my claim

Hi all just a quick update

As you know i was rejected a mandatory reconsideration, the reason for this is because a "case worker" phoned me and asked questions about my catheter system and if i can use it on my own, i told him several times that my mum has to help me with it and he just kept insisting that i can learn to use it on my own, in the end i just said yes to get him of my back and he hung up, i felt very intimidated by this phone call

So i told my mum about this and she rung the DWP to make a complaint and take my claim to tribunal, she was then told by a DWP worker that the claims arent looked at by people a computer asses you, so my mum said she wants to make a complaint the woman then said that my claim is being reconsidered again based on "new medical evidence"

It seems that making a complaint opened their eyes a little and make them do their jobs

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Good for you! I hope your mom gave them an ear full!!!!😠

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I should make a complaint that the poor computer must be faulty and they should send it to the doctor to see what can be done and then for a DWP assessment to see whether it is "fit to work" again.

Hilarity apart that is absolutely disgusting how on earth can we be assessed by a machine there are enough mistakes when we see someone face to face.

Do hope everything goes well for you, please let us know how you get on.x


Yeh, I think you are spot on rosewine, I think the computer system needs a prescription for Happy pills to make It see sense.

These people should be ashamed of theirselves blaming the b.... computer, what a disgrace.

He had no write to speak to you like that and put awful thoughts and words in your mouth. I am glad your mum is complaining. These people think thay can get away with anything.

Goodluck and soft hugs :)

Elizabeth xxxx

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Thank you everyone for the replies im going to fight this all the way

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I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your claim. Fingers crossed for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



If in doubt about a question always say no.

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sorry to hear that your left feeling unsure and vulnerable that was rotten to be pressured into agreeing but do not worry they record the telephone calls. Hears hoping things are good with a positive outcome for you. x


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