Cannot take much more

Since my last post, my flare up has not relented and only taking buccastem allows me to eat.

One of my friends has turned around and said that i am not considered one of their friends as 'she's ill'! Dunno whether to be angry or upset. They were a close friend for years and then suddenly this! At least i know their true colours i guess.

Not like i'm depressed or fibromyalgia gets worse from stress and stressful events or anything

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  • I would tell you to just ignore them but I know it's easier to say than do but people tend to just believe what they see! it's sad but at the same time it makes you realize how limited they can be, in their mind. Maybe we'll have to wait until they see tv ads about it, who knows? You have the right to be angry AND upset but don't, you can't blame people for being less than you expect them to be, it's pretty much always what happens!

  • It would be nice for someone to come up with a way for someone to feel someone elses symptoms like they developed that machine that lets men feel childbirth pain. Wouldnt be so quick to judge. X

  • This is just awful, no real friend would act in this way, I now realise just how fortunate I am and will keep that in mind. All I can suggest is give any negative people a wide berth you can do without them. All best wishes. Lou xx

  • Yeah, fair weather friends. It's a shame we have to wait for a crisis to find out who our true friends are. Luckily I'm thick skinned and the ones who deserted me don't worry me too much. This doesn't help you, and as you say, it's one thing on top of another.

    Also as you say, you now know their true colours, so that may be a good step.

    I wish you well, and at least on this site, you have support. Good luck.

  • So sorry to hear this. Not much of a friend in that case! A real friend wouldn't do that. Very heartless and shallow.

  • Hi Sally, that is the last thing you needed to hear, especially from a friend. Unfortunately some people just don't get it unless they too are inflicted by this condition... And I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Stay strong, Mags x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • OK so you have learnt who to avoid, some people are just not nice

  • Since becoming housebound dec 2013 and not being able to work anymore I have two friends left xx

  • Some people come and go in your life some stay .... They are precious.

    I don't see many now after yrs of problems sickness etc

    when I could no longer do the same things a lot of 'friends' didn't bother .... It really hurts but as you said showed true colours. We don't know what goes on in others lives some are just too busy to take time to see how others are.

    big hugs x

  • This is my first ever post, but your post really affected me. I am so sorry that your "friend" has de-friended you. (is that even a word?) I think one thing is for sure you have many friends on this site!

  • Thank you for your message. I wouldnt be so hurt if i hadnt been there for her when she was ill appendicitis years ago. I never abandon anyone without a very good reason and unfortunately she has given me one now. X

  • Hello there,

    Sorry you are having such an awful time. Did she say it to your face? "She's ill" implies it was through another friend. Be careful not to believe 'hearsay', things can get distorted. For example she could have said "I never get to see Sally anymore because she's ill", which could be the truth, and doesn't mean she doesn't consider you are a friend.

    Saying that... you should only surround yourself with people who you love and who return that love equally.

    Sending you loads of positive vibes and a gentle hug :) xxx

  • It was direct to me and then to one of my closest friends who was defending me. At least i have her to stick by me rather than a fair weather friend i guess. X

  • So sad to read this, you must be so upset. I think one of the main problems is, we can look well. If we had something that was visible, a broken leg, bad burns or scarring, people would see that and feel empathy for us. Because we look OK, they really can't see how we feel inside. We also try to put on a brave face for the outside world, although sometimes that's just not possible. As others have said, you have friends here, and we do understand. We may be ill, but we still have a lot to offer. I hope your friend will realise that in time. Best wishes MariLiz

  • Oh I feel for you. I dont have many true friends but the ones I have do understand my condition. However, if your friend cant be friends because youre ill shes no friend. There are always givers and receivers in a relationship but shes no support. Big, soft hugs from a Fibro friend. Take care. Xx

  • Really feeling for you - really rotten. I hope you manage to move on from it, which I know is easier said than done. A close friend of mine told me to get back in touch when I could again join her for long walks again..2.5 years on and I'm still unable and she never got back in touch. Really hard to wrap your head around it isn't it...we'd been friends for 9 years.

    Great big hugs to you x

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