depressed not sure how much more I can take

so the second letter arrived from atos what a load of bul shit in it sorry for language but I don't know what to o next

ive rand gp and asked to see my files and get copies of letters from gp and consultants and mri results they going to ring me back tomorrow as they don't no if im allowed to have them

ive been turned down for everything as they dsay im fit to do everything what do I have to do to prove to them commit suiside drink my self stupid fall over and hurt my self even more cook and burn myself. what to they bloody well need me to do. oh I have a mont to appeal of course im going to appeal because I cant do what your telling me im fit to do or not fit to do. I would love to be able to go out on my own and walk as far as they say im capeable to with out falling over and hurting my self or having a major panic attack. id love to cook and prepare a meal with out burning my self well if you mean a jam sandwich yes I can do that what do I have to do. well I know I can open a bottle and drink it but then you wouldn't have to pay a bloody penny cause I wouldn't be here and im not that stupid to let you do that to me and my family so expecy my letter in the post it wont be today cause im to upset to do anyting right now

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  • I am glad you are going to appeal this decision I can't think of any reasons why you cannot see your medical reports ..everytime I have to see a consultant they ask if I would like a copy and of course I say yes .. Not just for medical reasons ..but because I am extremely nosy and I want to know what's going on with me and what the consultant says.. I don't know how old you are ..I am in my 40s and would love to still work I didnt give up my job because I felt like it .... I couldn't physically cope with it. My OH gets me out of bed when he goes to work and I eat yoghurt a banana and sometimes that's it till he gets home and cooks the evening meal

    What have you been refused ESA support group or DLA

    VG x

  • I know exactly how you feel I got a letter from council today turning down my application for discrechenary housing payment as the bedroom tax has put me in arrears and I cant afford it they have forgotten to take my gas and electic into account which gets payed direct from dwp out of my benefits before I even get them I phoned and got a snotty women real arrogant saying that well you should have written it down and sent in with other stuff grrrrr I bloody well did and what she dosent realise is that the council on disability people filled the form out and double checked everything was sent in,ive also been on waiting list for 2 an half years to move im 1st for 11 areas im stuck in a ruck an tommoro ive got dla review forms to be filled in its just to much im in a lot of pain my legs and feet are swollen to nearly double there size I cant deal with all this stress.x

  • we should all write to that cameron and ask him to live on what we have and pay our bills prahaps he will let us move into the so many spare rooms i am sure he as, or maybe his second house he claims for. he can go to the tennis and watch some bloke hitting a ball with some bat but he can,t or won,t sort the mess he is creating here for all disabled people. but then again he and others like must have their pay rises and fancy cars and some one must pay for them.. and i guess it is always and will the most needy.

  • Hi Tracy I am not in the situation you find yourself in,but my heart <3 goes out to you. I am sorry you are feeling so low!!! :-(

    Am sending Love and Light and Rainbow Hugs to you ,just gentle ones x Take care x

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ;-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • dla they awarded me low care 4 years ago for cooking as I have fibro and artheritus of the lower spine so bending is bad I walk with a walking stick and I drop thins often specialy my right side yes I use my stick in my left so how am I ment to carry boiling water from the cooker to the sink etc. they say I can so unless I do what they want me to which means badly burnng me whicth im not going to do I cant use my cooker just thinking abut doing it gives me shivers I tried to help out tonight by peeling a potatoe yes my right hand curled into a ball nd cramped up so that had me in tears. id love to go visit people or go out on my own but the thought f stepping out side my gate on my own gives me heart palpitations and I cant do it unless some one is with me. the say I can walk 200 meters with walking ades at a normal base with out help well I can walk to the bottom of my garden which is 6 fence panals long and im in so much pain I have to sit down for a while just to get back to the house. im in constant pain wetaer I sit or stand but they say im ok. they say I can get out of bed on my own funny that my hubby has to help me out in the moring as I cant move as my back is stiff and in pai n. they say I can get in and out of the bath on my own ok how come I fall over and if I have a bath I can get up to get out. they say I can get dressed on my own well yes as I live in tracksuit bottoms slip on shoes and a big baggy tshirt cant remember the last time I got dressed up my hair is tyied back all the tie I may as well just have it shaved of as I can curl it or straigtne it so have to reply on hubby putting it in a clip. I got octors appointment on Thursday hoping to get new meds but im sure she will just give me the usual crap tablets that do nothing. well im on a week now where I have taken nothing im in agony you might think why do that to my self well im fed up with taken ills that are doing nothing im alays in pain im always tired im feeling very low and argguementative. so maybe my luck might change and she will give me something that will at least help. I hate ills that make me like a zombie

    sorry im still feeling crap and you lot have to listen thanxs for replies

  • We hear you I have dla because like you I can't cook or peel veggies and I don't try .. My OH cooks or we have weird meals he also has to get me out of bed in the morning before he goes to work... I had my hair cut short and layered so it can dry on its own and still look good

    I have night meds so I sleep but I can't take anything in the day I am allergic to everything so all painkillers are out .. I am afraid until the decision makers finally realise you can be disabled and a paralympian and disabled in chronic pain we have to fight on.

    Vg x

  • thanxs v.g I think im starting to calm but it will all start again tomorrow got to sit around and wait for dr.s to ring back re my request to look and copy files I think its the dr.s letter that has stopped me from getting the lower rate again as iit went to the dr that is registered even thoe I haven'tseen her for over 6 months, ive got drs on Thursday and I going to take the letter I received today and ask her to explain. that's if I haven't got to see the files my then. my oh has told me not to worry as we can get by with out my 80-00 a month but its not the point it means I have to cut back on things but its like I said to him its not the money im bothered about I know we an get by its the fact they said there is nothing wrong with me trust me if I could hold down a full or part time job then I would but I cant. but thanks for listen to me ramp on. lol

  • OHs are great at seeing the positives but I agree with you it may not sound a lot to some people but to me and others on here it is and to lose it would cut down my quality of life a lot as I spend it on help for me ... Even my OH can't think of a job I could hold down. So chin up and tomorrow start afresh and if you need to rant we are here

    VG x

  • Hi Tracy.

    I'm so sorry for you, it's a shame that you have to go through all of this.

    Yes definitely appeal & try to get as much info as you can to backup your claim.

    Getting medical info from the consultant/hospital maybe difficult though.

    Please let me know if you encounter any probs ???


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