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hpw much more can i take :(

found that my car had been stolen in the early hours of this morning. I have been so upset cant believe its happened and feel like i am cursed or something :(

I will hear from the insurance company about what happens next in a few days. I doubt the police wil find it and if they do what condition it will be in :(

blue badge was in the glove compartment, car seat in the back but now i have once again lost my only means of being a bit independant and its destroying me.


xx amanda xx

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O amanda I am so sorry to read this, these poeple arejust too selfish to know what they do to the inocent!!

As for your blue badge contact the dwp and let them know they can issue you another one but they may be able to cancel your original or trafic wardens may be able to check others but either way it shoud be pretty simple to sort that out.

hope its good news off the insurance for you

hugs poppyxx


Amanda that is so sad , i am very sorry this as happened to you sending you gentle hugs xx


OMG !!!! im so upset for you ,i think cause i can imagine what i would be like if it happend to me :(

im so sorry that it has happend ,will be thinking of you ,lots of hugs xxxxx


sooooo sorry hope they catch them and lock them up pigs


im realy sorry to here what has happened to u Amanda i hope they catch these scumbags x


This is the lowest of the low Amanda, can't understand what people get out of making other peoples lives so miserable as to steal cars etc. I know the insurance will sort it out but its the inconvenience you have to put up with in the meantime so I hope you get it sorted soon. take care, Love Angela xx


i am so sorry to here that people are so ignorant they really are i would rather they knocked on the door and said i want your car i would give them the keys ihate anything like that they dont realise what they leave behind i hope when they are older and got a family of there own and have worked (lol) hard to get a car and then perhaps soeone needs a blue badge their car is stolen and let the reeber when they done the same thing !!!!!!!

bless you lets hope the police find it i had my car stolen when i was pregnant with my second daughter my husband got up and it was gone it was found 10 miles away completely burned out then we had an insurance investigator round to check us out we were questioned for about an hour just in case we had set it up so that was nice being interrogated in your own home in the end we got paid out for it but it was a few weeks which was a nuisance but it is not the point is it

love to you and i am sure if you call the blue badge people they will re issue you another one but they may need a crime number so get one before you call and good luck and hopefully you will get a courtesy car too while it is being sorted out just the car seat to sort out but aybe e bay or car boot may have one or a friend love diddle x


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