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I've been having a lot of pain in my jaw area (ear/teeth) I thought maybe it could be a dental problem so saw my dentist on Monday...luckily my teeth are ok, but on examination and xray she found that I've got inflamation in the jaw socket and surrounding area .... I'm concerned incase this could be somewhere else to get continuous pain (I've had pain for about 6-8 weeks there).

I shouldn't really moan as I did have a good summer with my fibro....although now rapidly going back to pain 24/7.

Has anyone else had problems in the jaw area connected with Fibro

soft hugs and thank you for taking the time to read my blog


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hi paula52....

some times i get pain in my jaw feels achy and some times my partner has said that my speech has gone all funny like i have a lisp..

but some times when eating foods like nuts or crisp my jaw tends to hurt a little..

sorry about any spelling mistakes head and hands dont want to work to day.

hugs with wool xx


Hi Paula52,

Yes I get it on and off....I have had it last for a couple of months then is goes, I also get pain in my eye sockets too....sounds stupid, but had my eyes checked at the opticians, and she said that because of the fibr the muscles for my eyes are misaligned and will fluctuate...great news eh? !!! Hope the pain in your jaw eases soon....gentle hugs xxxxx


thank you for replying, I did think that it could be and you've confirmed it............just another area to have husband said it's too much talking lol, I'm extremely lucky as my husband, family and friends are all very supportive, don't know how I'd cope without their support.

once again thank you for responding

soft hugs to all



Hi it sounds like Trigeminal Neuralgia xx


hi paula yes I too get jaw pain and sometimes it feels just to sore to chew, and yes spreads to ear even my gums can feel painful and yes dentist says teeth are ok. Do you get the feeling like skin down side of face is burnt or extra sensetive is the only way i can describe it, usually signals to me that worse to come, it lasts anything between a day to a week at a time ?

hugs sue xx


Hi paula, i had this for months, kept going to the drs thinking i had an ear infection but they were fine, then kept visiting my dentist, had a new dentist and she suggested telling my dr to prescribe me a drug called carbamazapine and i no longer have the pain, the drug has numerous uses but for me its for nerve pain- dont know if this helps you. Ive even had an haemmorage behind my left eye that after years of tests,scans,mri's it was put down to my fm!x


thank you to everyone for your advice and support, it's sounds that it could be part of fibro, I'm hoping not as it is very painful, and I think you'll agree we all have enough pain to contend with and another area would be a real bummer.

anyway I'll make an appointment with my GP (who is extremely supportive) and see what he says.

many thanks and soft hugs to all



Hi Paula

Do you grind your teeth? I have this same pain and was diagnosed Tamperal Mandebil Joint Dysfunction ( hope this is spelt right ) if you google TMJ. I have a soft splint that I wear in bed at night and has really helped. Your Dentist should be able to refer you to a specialist for tha appropriate treatment and advice. When you are having a flare of this pain the best thing to do is eat soft foods, don't clench your teeth, no moving or priding your mouth/jaw, no biting Sellotape, the list goes on...... Hope you get some help xxx


I was also diagnosed with TMJ after having an MRI bran scan (my GP is brilliant, bless him and wanted to rule out anything sinister). It sadly is another part of the Fibro but if it helps, it does ease (at least mine does) and sometimes passes although I am always ready for its return at any time. The last few days I have had the most excrutiating pains in my head and in my ears but thank goodness that is passing now too.

We sadly have a lot to put up with but I do hope you get some help very soon. The consultant I saw at the hospital mentioned injections but after having had them in my hip and shoulder I would definitely not want to go back there although I know many people do benefit I'm sure.

Hugs coming your way and take care.

E :) xxx


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