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Strange jaw feeling


This is going to sound weird, but this sometimes happens when i am exercising or have a dry mouth, but I have been noticing when I shut my mouth my teeth set differently like i feel some teeth I don't normally when I just have my mouth shut, I can't keep it shut when this happens as it feels like im going to accidently bite down and break teeth, I did for a while think that maybe my jaw sits differently but I honestly don't understand and I find it quite difficult to explain, it happens on the right bottom side of my jaw right at the back it feels like my top teeth fall down a gap, it just feels really uncomfortable and weird and I was wondering whether anyone would be able to tell me the cause of this or why it happens? Or it anyone else experiances this? Thanks

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Hi frankieturner123

I am so sorry to read that you have been suffering with this problem and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. It is possible for many differing reasons for your jaws to become misaligned. It can happen because of wisdom teeth or one jaw grows protruding compared to the other, so it is not a weird thing for you to say!

Whatever the reason is for you to be suffering in this way should really be checked out by your GP. Just to rule out that one jaw is protruding etc and to get to the bottom of what the issue could be?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi, sorry you are experiencing this. When I am tired or going into a bad flare my bottom jaw drops down & forward - feels very uncomfortable & makes it difficult to talk. Don't know if this is similar to what you are experiencing?

With me it is usually resolved with rest. However, as Ken suggests, you should have anything new checked out by your GP. x

Or your dentist. He found my loose jaw and gave me a plate to wear at night.

Hi I've suffered temporal mandibular joint problems for many years. When it first started I woke up to find my teeth felt like sponges.

If your jaw gets I claimed it can change your alignment a tiny bit and that's enough to cause all manner of strange things. Mine causes me to lisp a bit. It can also feel very different in other ways. So it's not strange. Would be best to explain to your doctor or dentist. They will understand. Best wishes

Sorry the word I claimed was meant to be inflamed ( iPhone blip )

You may have something the same as I have called T.M.J ( which stands for temperol mandibular joint or sometimes called temperol mandibular dysfunction , it tends to give you a clunking jaw problem, can be associated with grinding teeth at night, I have a hard plastic plate from the maxillo facial dept from hospital, it hasn't helped my problem but I wear the the hard plastic mouth guard at night to protect my teeth

What they do at maxillo facial dept is take a cast of your top teeth it doesn't hurt they put some stuff on a impressions plate they put it in your mouth and to be honest it feel like biting down into plastersine !

A good dentist can help if you're with a n.h.s one ,they may write to your g.p or to the maxillo facial dept at your hospital

If it isn't that a good dentist or maxillo facial dept should see if you have something known as a "overbite"

P.s if it the first one I mentioned if the dentist says he'll make you a hard splint plate it may end up costing you!!

Sorry you've been worried by this - I have had FM for three and half years, but only got 'mouth' or jaw issues since the start of the year: I too was very worried! I did find out that lots of people with FM get TMJ (as others here have mentioned) but wanted to just check it wasn't a dental thing first (those of us with FM are more liable not check for alternative problems, as so much *can* be linked to FM and it all gets so tiring!!). My jaw was locking, I regularly found myself holding my jaw slightly open but very 'hard' in that position and with everyone talking about grinding teeth (and I already have enamel damage) I was very worried. My dentist was great (he knows very little about FM - and even RA which I also have - but is very keen to learn more, and as I mentioned it when booking the appointment he even looked up a little about it so he was more prepared (yes, I know most wont do this, and I am blessed to have him as my dentist, but if I'd not mentioned it when booking he wouldn't have even had the chance, so I'm just suggesting you mention it when booking an appointment). He checked for signs of grinding (thankfully none present) and then checked my jaw action/joint: it is here which can be another problem and the movement can be distorted with either FM or RA (he learnt when researching prior to my appointment) but thankfully for me that wasn't an issue.

Doing all this didn't solve the cause of the problem, nor the pain I sometimes get, but it was very reassuring (and I know I could have done something had there been an alternative cause) and reassurance often goes a long way to reducing the pain (which is often caused by nervousness resulting in us being tense and those two things exacerbate each other!!).

As I now know that for me it's nothing extra - but another symptom of the FM - I can do simple "exercises" with my jaw whenever I notice it 'clamping' or 'fixing' or whatever, and that helps loosen the muscles and lessen the pain. Which is something.

I know this is a long reply but hope some of this has been helpful - but more so I hope you find some relief xxx

Hi Frankieturner, Poor old you! This is not a fun thing to experience as I know. For just over six months my dentist, GP, neurologist and rheumatologist tried everything to identify this problem (we explored whether it was a dental abscess - no; polymyalgia rheumatica (again) - no; giant cell arteritis - no. It turns out it is two conditions - TMJ, as mentioned by others here but also the MRI picked up that I also have trigeminal neuralgia caused by an artery pressing against the nerve. As a major grinder, I broke three teeth last year and this year broke another with two further teeth chipped to hell. As already suggested, a made-to-measure plate is being made to, hopefully, alleviate this problem. I've been told I may need surgery or at the least, various medications for the nerve problem. This may be an option for some but not for me as I cannot tolerate anaesthetics or conventional meds. However, I recently discovered binaural beats and Solfeggio frequencies (specifically 528 hz) and, having listened to these 2 or 3 times a day since last Friday, I am actually almost pain free everywhere! From what I have read, many biochemists believe that when exposed to this specific frequency, dna can actually rewrite itself. I can't comment on that (although there does seem to be some evidence to support this) but I can say, that for me, this is having a positive effect. If you want to explore this, google Solfeggio frequencies or binaural beats. In the meantime, get yourself to the doc's and dentist as you really can't be putting up with this on top of everything else. :-)

Are you taking Amitriptyline ? its what I take , and I have a constantly dry mouth .

See a dentist that specializes in TMJ. I had similar problems but also jaw and ear pain and the dentist fit me with a night guard and it made a world of difference.And don't chew gum, that aggrevates it.

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