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Dont feel right at all

Getting really worried, was sitting up in bed, not sleeping just dozing, opened my eyes and felt really disorientated, breathless and heart started pounding, I am sitting taking deep breathes just now, got up for a glass of water and felt like I was gonna black out

Problem is I live alone with my 3 year old daughter, If I call paramedics I will have no one to come look after my daughter if I have to go to hospital, have tried phoning a few family members but they are not answering, I am in a write mess, taking me ages to write this while feeling so disorientated and in a panic 😢 dont know what to do, hope it just goes away soon

Lyndsay xx

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Hi. Are you there?

It sounds like you are having a panic/anxiety attack and could possibly be hyperventilating.

Can you let me know if you're still there?


Don't breathe deeply. Have you got a paper bag? If so, scrunch the open end up and breathe in and out of the bag slowly. As slowly as you can.

Is your daughter sleeping and safe? If she is, the I would suggest you lie down if you still feel dizzy and faint.

If you can just say yes if you're there I will try my best to help you xx


hi Lyndsay, try and stay calm.

Please call 111 for advice or 999 if you need them.

they will take your little girl with you and if you need to stay in they will call family for you.

if they come out, they will check you over, then decide if you need to go for further tests.

when you feel better, let us know how you are.

go and ring now..


hamble :)

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I'll leave you with hamble

Hope all is well

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Yes am here, my daughter is sleeping beside me, lying down makes me feel worse, am sitting up in bed, feel really fuzzy, trying to phone my sister to come down, will keep phoning until she answers, I have had this before, not for a few years though, am just trying to talk myself out of it, proving very difficult tho, cant keep my eyes open, I keep drifting off for a few minutes then when I open my eyes my heart is pounding and am struggling to get a breathe x


You would maybe be best calling nhs 24 and they will talk it through with you or might even decide if you have to go to hospital. They should work it out with you.

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Hi Lyndsay, hope you are OK and that you have managed to get your sister to help you. Best wishes, gentle hugs, Mags x


I genuinely and sincerely hope that everything is okay with you and that you have got some help? Please take care of yourself

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I applogize for cutting and pasting but I don't know how to pm yet. She seems to be having a hard time tonight and I thought this would help her.


I am going to cut and paste part of an article I read about Fibro and chest pains. I realize it against policy but it might help you to night. I don't know how to PM you or I would.

Relieving Fibromyalgia Chest Pain

One effective method that works to relieve pain from fibro is a stretching technique.

Sit on a bench or a hard chair and sit up straight. Put your left hand on your head and put your right hand at your side for support.

Take a deep breath and bend your body to the right.

Move your right hand so it’s sitting behind your hip and repeat the stretch, this time leaning back slightly.

Move your right hand forward and repeat the stretch, this time leaning forward slightly.

Do each stretch three to five times, then repeat on the opposite side.


I hope it helps


Hello Imh_1223,

Please seek medical advice as soon as possible, by either ringing 111 or 999.

I understand your concerns for your Daughter but if you feel this way you need to alert somebody who has the medical knowledge to advise you.

Wishing you well

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Hi Lyndsay, have just read this post this morning, I do hope you are OK and feeling better? Was very worried to hear how bad you were feeling in the night, it's so scary to feel that way, and always so much worse in the middle of the night. Please let us all know how you are. With all good wishes MariLiz


Stay calm Lyndsay. blue mermaids right with the paper bag trick, worked for me once.

Hope you get better soon. xx


Lyndsay, Please let us all know how you are doing now. I know you don't want to get help because of your daughter, but if you are gone, who will take care of her then? The medics won't abandon your daughter. Get the help you need. It does sound like an anxiety/panic attack, but I'm not with you and I don't have a medical degree. Please get the help you need. Your daughter needs you well. My prayers are with you.



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