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Finding life hard at the moment !!!!!

Hi there everyone i was just interested to see if others have times when they just feel like crying all the while I have been like this for weeks now I am not sure if it an after math of losing my dear old 90 year old Mum at Christmas and then I had my best friend my little dog put down because he was ill with something wromg with his brain he was only 4 bless him.My 33 year old daughter is having siezures mild ones where she goes blank for a minute or two and is having tests to sort it out. I feel exhausted all the time and have no energy i get up in the morning feeling just as tired as when i went to bed. I am taking amitriptilene at night and all my selection of pills during the day but have never felt so down I am thinking maybe its the fibro but just wanted to ask others if they are ever like it, sorry for the moans peeps speak laters x

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One of the symptoms of fibro is crying easily... And after what you have gone through its not surprising you feel so down and tearful you have had a lot to cope with and worrying about your daughter..... It will get better but don't feel bad about feeling this way...

Fingers crossed your daughter gets answers soon and while worrying about your daughter which is natural try and make some time in the day just for yourself



Hi irishlady,

Even if you have fibro, you can still get depressed on top of it, which I think you are - and hardly surprising as you've hit a bad patch.

Maybe your GP could help you with a bit of counselling - sometimes just being able to talk about your problems can make you feel easier.

Please do go and ask for help - it doesn't necessarily mean more tablets, but you could do with some TLC from someone outside of your situation.

I'm sure you will feel better soon.

Love from Moffy x


I was diagnosed with fibro over 15 years ago and I am disabled with it now at 63 I have arthiritis in spine knees and neck and the usual pains and flare ups with this blessed illness, unless you have suffered with it understanding it is very hard for some people you know the ones "oh you look well surely you cant be that ill" I just say i wish you could spend 3 months in my world then you would know,but thanks for the advise i am seeing my doctor next week soft hugs to you all xxx


So sorry for all your losses. No wonder you feel like crying all the time. I am not surprised. I would think the way you feel is more grief than Fibro but, with Fibro, we feel things even more deeply I think as we are always so depleted. So sorry too that you have the worry with your daughter. I pray things will work out well for her and that she'll get the help she needs. Losing your dear mum must have been hard to deal with especially at Christmas time. I lost my mum and gran at the same time of the year several years ago. Also losing your little dog at such a young age must have been quite a shock. Have you ever come across The Ralph Site on FB. It is for people who have lost their pets. It is a lovely site, very comforting and supportive like this wonderful site. It may help you.

Love and comforting hugs. Take care and be very gentle with yourself .

Saskia Xx


Thankyou so much for your comforting words saskia (and everyone else) sometimes it helps to know we are not alone with this doesnt it. Yes losing Mum was expected but still awful but losing the little dog Bobby the shihtzu was horrible i loved him so much but I am thinking of getting another one but waiting to grieve this one 1st my daughter is finding life so hard as she cant drive and works a good few miles from home so we are running her to and from work but she is a very independant business person a PA to a director and hates having to rely on people but we have hospital Monday for some tests and then they can start treating her thank god anyway thanks all xxxx


Morning Irishlady I used to worry about bursting into tears I say used wellit is better at the moment. I sympathise with you tragic loses I understand where you are coming from, I wont list them all because I will cry but mu sympathy and understansding is with you. I find the hardest thing in life is saying goodbye to people- fortunately the children are used to it Mum blubs- but I always do about a couple of hours before they leave. I think I am coming to terms with it and then it happens again. When I realised it can happen with fibro it sort of became easier to cope with. I still cry could be proffesional if you know what I mean.

Always talk to the Docs first as your load has been heavy recently but try not to worry crying is like laughing a release for the body. It sooths us makes us better. Thinking of you xgin


hi irishlady

am so sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time :(! i feel in my opinion since ive had fibro when something bad happens or sad it makes me react worse and cry more easily i think fibro has something to play in it aswell. as every day is a struggle and people without fibro and other sim illnesses would not understand. i fight to get up every day i ty and try ad try i am only 25 and its making me feel dreadful. x x

gentle hugs and i hope your luck changes


if you ever want to chat i am here x


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