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How do I survive an assessment

Hi fibro friends, desperately need your help, I went to the cab yesterday to get help filling in my esa and pip forms, the advisor said because I will be sent for an assessment from both forms and with fibro and depression you can't see ime actually ill I really need to convince the examiner that I have these problems, so need a higher person to fill the forms in properly wording them, he said if I went to the assessment in a wheelchair they cud see I really am disabled, but because they can't see my depression and fibro it's up to me to convince them I have them, Wat happens if the assessment person is having a bad day or is in a bad mood ect and sees me sat in front of them looking ok and thinks she looks normal there's nothing wrong with her Wat do I do please help 😒x

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Morning janebig9. So sorry to hear you have had a bed experience with your local cab office, my office was brilliant. I can give any advice except do a day to day diary. Put in every detail you can about you day and the problems to you have doing things during that week then go back and see if that will help. I had to do this for them. Good luck hope you manage to get thing sorted. Deb x


Morning thank you for your reply, the cab office has been very helpful, it's the assessment people that worry me as many many people look at fibro and depressed people and can't see a visible problem, Wat the cab office were saying is if you have a disability that people can see then people understand you more, but if you go in with no phisical signs you have more difficulty making them believe ☺


It is so hard having this disease, you don't want to look ill so you do your best to make yourself look presentable, but then people think you are fine and there is nothing wrong with you, I always make an effort, even when I go to the dr's and I think to myself, he must think I am making all this up, but they should see me when I first get out of bed in the morning and can hardly walk and look like a mad woman from hell especially if I have had a restless night lol but I won't go through the door unless I have done my hair and put a bit of slap on, unless its really early with the dogs and no one is about!!!!


Yes you are so rite, I look horrendous in a morning but I won't go out like that so I try to look a bit decent and it feels like I need to go out Un washed and scruffy so some people believe, not sure if ime wording this rite but ime sure people will understand Wat ime trying to say ☺

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Hi jane if you PM mdaisy she will send you info on how to fill in the forms.

Sorry that thing didnt work out at the cab i have always found them really helpful. you could also give your council a call, some councils have benefits advisers who can help. Good luck , sue


I have had some advice to say that you should imagine your worst day (pain, fog and depression) and explain that to them. Do not say "on a good day I can do this...". You aren't lying (as I wouldn't condone this!) but you are always at risk of having your worst day, so you need to describe that.

Good luck. Sending you lots of positive thoughts xx


Thank you for your replies and help, it means a lot to me knowing there's people who understand, gentle hugs to you all ☺



As everyone has said you need to describe yourself on your worst days. Try to get as much paperwork together as you can. Your diagnosis, hospital letters, and ask your GP for a summary of your visits to them. I too suffer very badly with depression and GAD, Fibromyalgia, CFS a and HMS.

Perhaps your GP would be willing to write a report for you? They will charge you for it, but the more "evidence" you have the better.

Hope that helps


Lu xx


I would just be yourself and emphasise on all of the issues that you have and tell them what you cannot do and not what you can do. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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