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Maximus re-assessment next month. What should I expect?


Hi all, I'm new here.

I just got my appointment letter for my new Maximus assessment (they cancelled my original one in May).

I am currently on IR ESA WRAG following a successful tribunal in 2013. 15 points for walking and another section (can't remember right now). I was supposed to be reassessed after 6months, but I think I slipped through the books for a bit.

I only want to be on ESA until September as I start full-time University. I have been slowly getting better, and building myself up to go to University which is something I've always wanted to do.

I can manage my pain to a certain degree, but like most with Fibro, I get days where I can't move. I still walk with a walking stick, and cannot go up more than 3 steps. Also cannot walk for long distances (by long I mean more than a few minutes really) without severe pain. AND I'm not getting much sleep because of night time cramps and pain. My work adviser said I was robbed of Support Group as I could not do anything really at the time of my Tribunal (I stayed inside and was rarely able to get out of bed).

I want to know if anyone else had a Maximus assessment and how bad it was. I've only ever dealt with ATOS and we all know how bad they were (my adviser was one of those smiley people who lie on your assessment form).

If all goes to s**t then I will go on JSA. but I don't think I will be able to handle the stress of the assessment, moving (from Wales to London on Sept 1st) AND starting University. Especially if they fail me.

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Hello love

Welcome :)

I have not had a Maximus assessment but I have had an ATOS medical. Mine was similar to yours.

I can't imagine that it can be any worse than an ATOS one to be honest.

I've read your post several times, but I am not really sure what you are asking other than what the assessment will be like.

I'm sorry if I am being a bit dumb, but I am not sure I understand the last paragraph of your post.


Lu xx

I'm just basically asking what they're like.

The last paragraph is just saying that I will go on JSA if I fail the assessment. But that I don't think that that I will be able to hand the stress of everything (assessment, moving and University).

I have a lovely work adviser who has supported me ever since I started going in September 2013. She will be my adviser if I go on JSA (for one month).

But yeah, just basically want to know what a Maximus Assessment is like as I really don't want to fail.

I have never been through anything of this nature, but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

All my hopes and dreams for you


I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you all for the replies. I just wish more people would share their experiences of Maximus as it will help others prepare!

I have also been advised that re-scheduling the appointment will lead to me being sanctioned. Which is unfortunate as my partners University Graduation is 4 days after. The assessment will probably cause a massive amount of stress which will take me weeks to recover from. So I may end up missing my partners graduation :(

I will post my experiences of the assessment on here, just so others can be prepared for the 'WCA'.

I understand what you mean, and I can't understand why no one hasn't being able to answer you. I thought I would be called in, in May, but not heard a word as yet. Maximus should be doing all the ESA medicals. I don't think they will be an improvement on Atos. I sincerely hope you will be able to stay on ESA until you are ready to start university. Hugs.

I was supposed to have an assessment in May but they cancelled it a week before the appointment. My advisor said to me that my local assessment centre is getting through 5 assessments a day now. Makes you doubt the quality of the assessment. I have heard that others have waited 2 hours in the waiting room.

hi eveehoward hope your assessment went well mine didnt got my letter today no points but im not giving up will go to tribunal hope you do the same if yours was bad because these people write anything down even things they havent even asked you take care x

I went into the assessment knowing I was signing off very soon afterwards (starting full-time education). My assessment was moved yet again, and ended up being the last week of August (5 days before I moved).

The assessment was awful. And I didn't expect to even get a reply as I was signing off before people usually get replies. Fast forward to September 5th, I get my signing off letter (after phoning up) and I see on there that on the 29th August I was moved from WRAG to Support Group.

I think that the decision was ridiculous. I underplayed my issues massively, basically sabotaging my own assessment. I had spent 3 years fighting for Support Group, only to have it given to me when I sign off. I believe it was a waste of a Support Group decision...

Their (Maximus) assessments seem to be varied. I know someone who has nothing wrong with them and was given Support Group on their first assessment! It makes me doubt how efficient the assessments are considering I know people with real, crippling issues who are being rejected from the basic money they deserve.

I'm really sorry that they gave you 0 points... I know how that decision feels (given it in 2012 while homeless and crippled). Tribunal helped me, and I was given 15 points based on walking and one other area (can't remember which). Never give up :) It doesn't matter what they say, if you have proof about your illnesses, the Tribunal should go your way :)

Take care xx

hi eeveehoward cannot beleive after all that time you were placed in support group im not giving up didnt the first time so not this time you want to apply for pip you willcertainly get that and it doesnt matter what you do. x

I will be applying for PIP once I find a good GP. I just moved back to London, and the GP's are very overcrowded and underfunded, so a decent GP is very hard to come by.

They want you to give up so keeping up the fight is the best way forward and I'm glad you see that too. Too many people give up and just end up on JSA or in unsuitable work without any support. It's a disgrace.

If you need any help with the Tribunal then don't hesitate to ask. I've been dealing with both my own ESA issues as well as my mother's for the past 6 years. She's on Support Group now, and only Lower rate DLA for care and mobility (hasn't been moved over).

I wish you all the best, and hope you get the decision you deserve xx

thankyou i know only too well about trying to find a good doctor i have just found one about eight months ago and now hes retired that leaves me back to square one i went today to see a new one waited half an hour to see him when i got in to try and talk to him he said he was running late how disgraceful is that ,but do try and sort a decent doctor because i dont see it been a problem for you to get pip and there assessment is loads better than the medical one thanks for your help and good luck xx

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