Assessment appeal today

I went for my assessment appeal today. It went how I thought it would.....I have to keep fighting. Although I did earn myself another 6 points to add to the 6 I got at the origional assessment by Atos, so I still need another 3. What do they want for those extra 3 points? one of my lungs perhaps?!! My daughter came with me and she just broke down in tears when they told me, "you have to sign on tomorrow or you will lose your benefit altogether". I struggle on the £70 they make me survive on now, and Jobseekers is likely to be less. Also I'll have to sign on as available for work, when Im not. But if I dont, goodbye benefit. My daughter said to them, between sobs, that she is scared for my safety as I have had suicidal episodes before.Ive struggled for at least 30 years with Fibro and Im just about done with fighting and coping and surviving. I think they are trying to get rid of us any way they can. But Ive got to find the energy somewhere, they CANT win.

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  • you are right dont let them win its hard when you have been knocked down but the only way off the floor is up.i have been suicidal and been resuss three times please dont even think that way...... that way is letting theswines win and your daughte rwho loves you so much loses huggies that fit all situations from me petal

  • Thank you blossom. It will be hard, but I only stay for my daughter, son and 15 month old grandson. Theres not much else, theyve seen to that. x

  • hi,so sorry for youand your daughter.....i kow its hard but don't let the bas###ds get you down....think of your daughter who apart from mam would be there for her or your son grandson my best wishes go out to you

    thinking of you

    bob xxx

  • Thank you bobajob, I went to the Job centre today, as instructed, wasted £3 bus fare, in the rain, to be told "You apply online". AAARRRGGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!! So home i go, got online, answered all the questions and at the end it says "this service is not available for people coming off ESA". Heres a freephone number to call. I coulda done that at the jobcentre. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!. Now Im even more stresssssed..........

  • please don't give must not give in.I understand how you feel, i really do..I have a four year old and they have stopped my Income Support and Housing benefit.My Appeal could take months so homelessness for us is imminent.i still get SDA and DLA but that doesnt pay rent or bills..What are they hoping to gain from making genuine claimants lives a living hell or in some cases..non existent!!! Keep an going bumblebee57 you're an inspiration...Your daughter is too.xxxx

  • Thank u ali, for those kind words.Further to my previous rant, Ive just stood in a cold drafty phone box to dial up the 0800 number, (coz i havent got a landline)waited listening to boring music,for about 20 mins, gave my details to "Jody" but near the end, I GOT CUT OFF....AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH. so i dial again, wait, and wait and wait, a bloke picks up, luckily my details are still there, so he carries on with it...blah blah blahhhh.....Interview at JC on 9th july. I was given no choice but to say I was available for work, or no benefit, and that I have no health problems that would stop me from working. Why is it so bloody difficult????? as if we Fibro's havent got enough to deal with. I want to SCREAM at someone!! But I will appeal my appeal.No one is going to employ me at 54 with all my wasting my time and theirs. Have a nice day!!x

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