No pip assessment

Hi, I just don't know what to expect I was supposed to have a pip assessment in my home today at 9am.

It's now 10:15am and no one has yet turned up.

I have rang them twice the first time I was told to ring back at 10am If nobody turned up.

So I ring back at 10am told to wait the woman then said to me we will have to cancel the appointment as they can't get hold of the assessment officer.

I was wondering if this is a ploy to catch me out to keep an eye on me see what I do when I go out or even follow me.

Any help would be very much appreciated from my friend's.


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  • I know it us a pain to have to stay in but personally I wouldn't go out today as if they suddenly turn up and you are not there it might hurt your case. You know how their devious minds work so you want to do everything you can to get a good result. Mind you it is completely wrong if the assessor not to keep you in the loop if they were delayed or not coming. Good luck with everything.x

  • What gets me angry is if it had been reversed and you had not turned up for your appointment they would have more than likey with held your payment. This is unexceptable imo and would be asking to speak to the person in charge and make my feelings known. Especially how the whole situation as caused you no end of worry and anxiety. But then that's just me. I am sorry for what they are putting you and others through it's disgusting. I have yet to go through the whole joke of a pip assessment but boy when I do I hope I don't have to deal with all the crap most of you seem to have dealt with. Cos I won't go quietly let me tell you. These people make me see red. You guessed that right lol. I do hope you hear something soon Bob.


  • Hi dizzytwo,thank you for your reply,yes I'm really mad that they did not turn up or even ring or notify me.

    The woman on the phone said we have cancelled it now and would be sending me another date.

    I totally agree with you If it was me the benefits would have been stopped.

    I will of course let you know of the outcome.


  • Hi rosewine,thanks for your reply.

    I have been out for 1hr I had to get some shopping in.

    If the assessor did turn I then I would have expected them to leave a message or card

    I will of course let you know of the outcome as soon as I am able to.


  • Yes I am sure they would have left a card. It is a constant battle isn't it but I hope you end up on the winning side.x

  • They have been known to turn up a hour or so early hope you're next appointment is scheduled more to suit you

  • Hi Bob

    I would imagine that it could be a case of your assessor being delayed or double booked.

    I completely agree that you should have had the courtesy of a phone call.

    Try not to get too angry or upset. Out of interest had you arranged to have someone with you at your assessment?

    Wishing you much peace

    Lu x

  • Hi

    Normally they give a window of two hours for appointment time

    appointment 12.00pm to 2 pm this allows for them running late or taking more time with previous appointment.

    However a 9.00am appointment they have no excuse for.

  • Hi

    This happened to me last year.

    Appt time arrived no no one turned up.I rang the centre to ask where they were.They rang me back after approx 30 mins and said assessor wasn't answering phone so I was to ring back and make another appt.

    I threw a right wobbly.I was worked up about it anyway and then to feel so deflated,I really went off on one.I yold her it was unacceptable,The date/ time had been chosen by them at their convenience and to not turn up was extremely rude and inconsiderate etc etc and not even a phone call to say they weren't coming blah blah blah.

    Folloeing day Imhad a phone call back and the appt was rearranged the day after that.

    The gentleman who turned up was very nice,he was a real gent and had obviously been made aware of the missed appt 2 days before.

    He said it was really unacceptable and apologised for the incident.I don't think it was him that hadn't shown up for previous meeting.

    I asked him if it had been the other way around what would have happened I've if I hadn't been at home when they called.He didn't answer me.

    Speaks volumes in my book..........

    Good luck for when it's actually rearranged.



  • I had an assessment today which I had to go to. My appointment was 11 am but they were running late, the 9.00 ended up being 2 hrs, but they came out and apologised for the delay and said it shouldn't be long now.

  • Hi goldwing, I genuinely hope that your assessment went really well for you my friend, good luck :)

  • Hi bobajob

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your next appointment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I had this several times with my assessment. Nothing unusual I'm afraid. Good luck hope it's sorted soon for you.

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