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Numbness and pins and needles

I've been suffering with numbness and pins and needles down left side of my body for the past couple of days I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis is this a common problem has anyone else had the same or know a way to ease it please it's driving me crazy

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I have osteoarthritis with fibromyalgia, if you haven't already been to the doctors, then you should go asap. Pins n needles and numbness should not be ignored.


Hi madmel :)

It sounds like your sufferring with something I often experience myself but because we may be on different meds and have differing illnesess etc I cannot say why you are experiencing this. :)

It may well be down to the Fibro, overdoing it, trapped nerve - anything! :o

Just in case it isn't the Fibro it may be a good idea to go and speak to your GP so that you can decide whether tests or treatment is required or most of all peace of mind :)

Regarding medications I find that pain gels help to soothe it but I wouldn't know which kind to suggest because we don't know the what or why you are having this problem :( sorry! :(

I also take Pregabalin for pain and spasms but again - I'm different :o

Alternatively, you could trying to apply heat to the area such as a water bottle for instance and maybe try to gently do some stretching and relaxation exercises to help ease it a little :)

If you have any more Q's please just give me a shout I'd be happy to try and help :)

Pain busting fluffie hugs with big smiles for you {{{{{{madmel }}}}}

xxx sian :)


Thank you I'm gonna try a hot bath and see if it helps


That sounds like a good idea :)

I was just thinking........... I know that's dangerous :D

You can always ask your local pharmacist what they suggest too as they should be able to help with some advice as will know what is ok to use with the meds you already take :)

Enjoy your bath :) xx


Hi there madmel, my advice for what it's worth is that you should definitely run this past your GP whether it be over the phone or a trip to the surgery. Certainly have a bath, but I think these symptoms should be checked out sooner rather than later.

Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way 😀

Foggy x

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I have fybro and osteoarthritis too and get pins and needles in my hands, but if it's all down one side with you I'd definitely check with your Dr just to. be sure, Could be a trapped nerve or the arthritis like I had n my neck which caused pins and needles and pain down my arm, had an x Ray and thankfully it was just wear and tear, good luck


I would definitely discuss this with your GP just to get other issues ruled out of the equation. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I have had pins and needle pain for 4 years now.. Try to put a few pillows under your knees and turn on the TV for a distraction. Also there is medication that your Dr can give you ...Amy


Hi madmel, definitely ask your doctor to check your levels of B12, ferritin & folate. Numbness and pins and needles can be a strong indicator that your levels are low. They should give you B12 injections to rebuild your levels if this is the case. Persistently low B12 can cause permanent nerve damage, so do ask for it to be checked. Hope you get a solution soon. Best wishes MariLiz


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