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Numbness and pins & needles in hand

Morning to all that are awake i recently had the test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome i was told its not painful just little electrical shocks,my god did i jump and it was only on the minimum to start and yes i jumped and went arhhhhh. I looked at my hubby who could not stop laughing at my reaction and the lady that was doing it was almost at the verge of laughing i think it was only her status that stopped her but i told her go ahead laugh hubby is laughing you might aswell join him. As she continued with her job of electricuting me i started talking to her as i was trying to take my mind of the pain which was getting more and more in tense. I got to talking about in the victorian times how those poor people were given electric shocks to try and cure mental illness mind you i think they tried to cure everything with electric shocks the pain they must have gone through now i realize how much pain they were in it must have been terrible,( mind you i did ask her if she enjoyed her job) i think she thought i was being sarcastic (i was) and turned the electricution up more so i said i bet your hubby does not get on the wrong side of you just incase she ever takes her work on she giggled at that, meanwhile in the background my hubby was having a laughing fit. I started laughing when she looked at him and said you wont be laughing in a minute as part of this test is the husband has it done as well but not on the hands or feet you can undress your lower half in there if i would have had any free hands i would have done high 5. Mind you he has got a real good sense of humour too talked his way out of that one. But what i did come to write about was normally for most people without fibro the test would not have been so bad as the brain connections are not all over the place maybe some people with fibro wont have the same as me. But all in all my test was done i had a great day out (me being sarcastic again) and yes now i need an op on my wrist oh what fun any one else with the same thing out there please share

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Hello sounds like me and my hubby.

I think that a lot of us have had it done, I had my right hand done three or four years ago and have been told that my left hand will need doing at some point in time. Something for me to look forward to. :P

Hugs sue xx


Hi you made me giggle. I had my carpel tunnels on both hands done (one at a time) 4years ago before I was diagnosed with fibro. One thing I got frustrated with was not being able to put my own underwear on especially bras. I got a front loader but still had trouble so I just let it all hang out when I was at home. Make sure when you have the op that you start moving your fingers and doing the exercises as soon as you can. I didnt do this with my right hand and I still cant put my thumb to my little finger and my grip isnt as good as it should be with that hand. On the other hand (ha ha) I no longer have the pains up my arms like I used to get just the fibro pains and fog to deal with now. If you do the hand exercises to keep your hands flexible you should be fine. Good luck and gentle hugs. Joolz.x


Hi tasha2

I sincerely hope that you are feeling well today? I must admit that I have never had anything remotely similar to this undertaken? And after reading your post I do not think that I would really want to? Your post did make me laugh though, so thank you.

I can imagine that you are very relieved that this is over with?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi, your story brought back to me the time I was tested, around 4 years ago, & yes it was worse than just a little tickle for sure!

As a result I have it in both wrists too, but I have decided not to have it operated upon having read up on it and learned that there are many horror stories out there of them being unsuccessful.

I am an artist, so of course that means I am left handed too (;-)), and also use my left hand to hold my walking stick, so I just dare not go through with the op just in case it doesn't work for me. Things are bad enough as they are without me being housebound as well.

Good luck with your surgery, I hope it works for you.



If was worried about the operation failing and causing me to become disabled but I have several friends around my age (all work on computers all day long) who had a successful operation. It obviously depends on your surgeon but where we live we have some great plastic/reconstructive surgeons who a known for their work so I trusted them. I can honestly say I was in alot of pain with my hands and it was disabling but within hours of the operations I knew it had worked as the pain reduced and the tingling and numbness had gone. I truly felt it was a miracle and still do. I got my hands back!!! (And then along came fibro.........).


I'm due to have the tests done soon, but they won't be able to tell me that it's just a little tickle as I had them done 3 years ago on my legs. Painful isn't the word and once you've had one done you know what's coming next. Eek!


Hi, I started getting carpel tunnel symptoms about 4 years ago and it got to the point where it was keeping me awake at night, I couldn't lift a cup of tea or brush my hair without dropping the item because my hands went number and tingly within a few seconds of lifting them. Driving was a nightmare (my drive to work it 1 1/2 hours each way - 3 hours a day) so I tried to work from home regularly. When I saw the consultant about my hands I didn't need the nerve conductivity tests because it was so obvious I had a problem. He wanted to do both hands at the same time - I said no bloody chance - I know you marry in sickness and in health but my husband doesn't want to have to help me in the bathroom unless absolutely necessary :-).

I had the hands done one at a time - 6 months apart and was off work for 2 months each time. The 2nd hand was a nightmare because I had a fall on it which delayed recovery by a month.

Anyway, the 2nd op was successful but the fall caused problem and I started to get numbness in my baby finger so I then had the nerve conductivity test done (around March this year) and it was uncomfortable but didn't hurt. I hadn't been diagnosed then but looked back I think this was one of the early signs of fibro along with the exhaustion. i just didn't know it back then..

I guess everyone has different pain thresholds too and the person testing you may have increased the nerve test levels higher than what I had - you never know. I guess everyone is different. But it's strange how alot of people with fibro have also been diagnosed with carpel tunnel first too!!!!


hi i have CTS in my left hand btu gp didn't "test"for it-gave me a steroid injection in nerve -gave me temporary relief fro two weeks then it came back.wearing the support gloves helps


I had that done but I opted to use the cortisone shot first before agreeing to surgery and the cortisone shot didn't work for me it's been well over a year and I haven't had a problem with the numbness or tingling


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