introducing my lovely dogs

hi everyone,

ive seen some lovely pictures of mans best friend on this site, so thought id share mine. the picture to the left is jack aged 15, rescued him when he was 18 months, he was hours from being put to sleep, the little cutie is meg aged 4, rescued her when she was 1, she had been kept in a cage for her first year. love them dearly x

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  • I can't see the picture, but if that is them in your avatar they are really lovely dogs. They are such a blessing to have, the trust and unconditional love you get is amazing :)

  • is my avatar my small picture at the side, if so, that's jack/meg. x

  • It is the picture on the side :)

    It's lovely that you can get a picture of them together, I had two little Cairns and they would never have their picture taken together, didn't want to share the limelight maybe :D

  • my mum/dad always had cairns, years ago we had a cross cairn/collie called bess, bit of a funny shape, overshot jaw, but we loved her x

  • My current little dog has an under bite which makes her look like she is smiling :)

  • yes it does, bess always looked like she had a thick piece of Spanish on her bottom lip x

  • I usually would see this as a defect and wouldn't take the dog, but Cassie chose me and I wouldn't change her, under bite and all :)

  • this is true, dogs do choose you, as a puppy she came straight to me and sat on my foot, I never looked at it as a defect just a bit more extra character, loved her to bits till we lost her at 14 x

  • Cassie did the exact same thing, another little pup caught my eye and I was wavering toward it but Cassie nudged him out of the way and crawled up onto my lap and kept the other pups away :) I really don't think I had a choice in the end. Mind you she must have saw 'mug' on my forehead, turns out that along with the under bite she has dodgy knees and had a is the first time in my life I have chosen a dog with a list of defects but she suits me perfectly since I seem to be slightly defective myself these days :D :D

  • ah ah ah, me to x

  • So adorable, they are, Dillydally and your love for them shines :-)

    Thanks for sharing with us, a real joy and so appealing, special pats and playfulness for jack and meg and smiles for you :-)

  • thank you rockrose, are they your birds or just a picture x

  • You're welcome Dillydally :-) I wish they were my birds, yet they landed on the windowsill of a dear friend in Sydney ! x

  • I bet you do, their lovely x

  • awww jack and meg are wonderful, and sat beautifully long enough for a photo too! they certainly landed on their paws sharing a home with you :)

    hugs x

  • thanks, I certainly landed on my feet when I found them, is that your dog x

  • no it isn't. I am not too good with computers so my son chose that pic, I don't know how/if I can change it now though.

    I have a jack x yorkie called cookie and my daughter a Chihuahua called teddy x

  • if you have pictures of your dogs on your computer, you can upload one. were it says healthUnlocked your name caninecrazy has an arrow pointing downwards, click on this, go into profile, then to right of page says edit profile, click on this, then you can click on your picture on the left, it will say upload, click on this, then your photos will come up, click the one you want and it should be sent to your page, when done press save. good luck, hope it makes sense x

  • Your dogs are absolutely gorgeous. :) xxx

  • xxx

  • What a sweet couple 😃

  • xx

  • Absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • ah thank you ken, jack always knows when im not well and is always with me, meg is loving but on her own terms ah ah x

  • I must have missed a whole day of posts, dillydally, because somehow I didn't see these sweet doggies the other day! How cute they are! You're lucky to have them & I'm sure THEY love being part of YOUR family ... !!! We are between pets now, but will be looking for a pup (or two!) to rescue soon : it's far too quiet w/out them!

  • when we have been between dogs, the silence is terrible, hope you get a lovely rescue dog soon xx

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