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This pain is ridiculous

Hi all, I have had a lot of health problems over past few years,With chronic Kidney disease, Coeliac Disease, hypertension, to name a few.

But when I went to see Dr end of last year as I was in so much pain feeling like been hit by a bus or ten rounds in a boxing ring along with not sleeping etc, was told my symptoms sound like Fibro, (fine people been telling me that for the last few years) at last someone is listening to me or so it seemed. after breaking down in tears.

Dr gave me Tramadol for a month to see if that helped, oh boy they helped so much I didn't take them as often as he prescribed mainly of a night tried not to take them during day unless i really had to , but alas when I went back he would not prescribe me anymore just told me to carry on with Amitriptyline which i have been taking for a few years for Neuralgia type pains and take paracetamol / ibuprofen.

They do nothing for me besides I know I should not take too many as I also have CKD.

Anyway just lately I have been suffering with really painful hands and feet, when standing or walking it feels as if im walking over a stony beach plus my feet and hands get very, very cold and then become even more painful that I have a job to do anything, My question is could this be related to fibro or would it be something else? do I make another trip back to dr with more symptoms?

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When I started this fibro nonesense I was very similar a trip down the garden just to feed the birds without sturdy warm footwear and gloves on would give me painful hands and feet just like you describe. My doc said they could be Raynauld's syndrome but at the time I was on so many meds we decided not to give me any medication unless it became unbearable. I was put on Pregablin tablets and since then as long as i am snesible those particular symptoms have very much improved.

I'm sorry I had to look up what CKD was as I was unfamiliar with the abbreviation. I do have a friend that has renal failure and she has problems with keeping her hands and feet warm and has to walk with a stick I just wonder whether it could be one of the symptoms of your illness. I do know from what she said that there are alot of medications and even foods that can't be taken.

I do think you should have a word with your GP as you never know something might be able to be done for you and I know how difficult it is when your hands and feet feel like


I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in so much pain and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I was wondering if you have ever been to a pain management clinic? If not, it may be beneficial to ask your GP for a referral to pain management as they may be bale to come up with some recommendations for your doctor?

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

Al my hopes and dreams for you


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I am stage 3 with the kidney disease and the dr says I shouldn't have any symptoms with that!!

The only thing he recommended for the fibro was to try CBT cognitive behavioral therapy as he said they maybe able to help me find a way to work with and through pain.... :(

I use my hobby to help me through bad spates of pain, as it helps me relax but that is getting hard now when my hands become so cold and painful I am even looking for some form of gloves to wear indoors to help keep hands warmer.

I will have to make another appointment with Dr.

Thank you


Hi there,

I would ask GP for a referral to a pain clinic, I saw a pharmacist and a specialist physio. A lot was around how you think but it helped me to think a little differently but the pharmacist was fantastic with the advice she gave, changed some of my meds but also recommended some others that were available til we found what worked best for ME. I went back to my GP and felt I was now educating him a little and it has been much easier since then when I stopped taking on med because of side effects and asked for a different one.

Hope you get sorted soon, Redbob xx

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Have you ever had your B12, folate & ferritin levels checked, as one of my symptoms was the severe pain and cold hands. I also had pins and needles and tingling. If you have Coeliac disease, there is every chance your body can't absorb B12 through your digestive system. Do ask your GP to check these for you. Best wishes MariLiz


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