Is leg and feet pain typical with Fibro?

Hello all, I have a question. Even though I didn’t feel pain or tenderness in most of the trigger points, I was still diagnosed with having Fibro. Only a few caused me pain when presser was put on them. My main symptoms are severe body aches all over, similar to that of the flu. But they are so bad that I have to take pain medication 3 times a day to control it. However, every night, no matter what medication I take, my feet and lower legs ache as if I have been walking all day. During the day it’s not bad, but I do notice the discomfort there more than anyplace else. I have seen many doctors and none of them have found any joint problems or inflammation. And my neurologist said that the nerves in my legs and feet are normal. So, does anyone else have this type of pain or similar symptoms?

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  • hi mark, yes it's common with fibro but myself i have pain all over but mainly in the whole leg & feet the soles & sides are stiff & sore & ankles are also painful the stiffness wears off a bit as the day goes on to be replaced by burning ache, i take quite a lot of prescription medication throughout the day which helps but doesn't take away all the pain its there 24/7. everyone is different tho & a lot of the time i have to lay on my bed to get rest i can't sit normally for long i have to basically take up the whole sofa lol, it does sound like you have fibro tho, if that is what yr gp is saying x

  • Hi Mark I get burning pain all over but it gets worse when I first lie down. Especialy in my legs.It becomes a deep burning ache the soles of my feet burn so much I often test the temperature by putting them against my legs. I usually sleep with them hanging out of bed. hugs sue

  • Hi mayrose, I have my feet and legs come to that hang put of the bed , sometimes I get relief by letting the leg hang down one side of the bed, this is a very weird condition isn't it lol, hope you well..hugs..Dee xx

  • Hi dee do the soles of your feet ever get that bad it feels as though they are so badly burnt that they are blistered, and are so painful you have to put them in cold water Then treat them as though they really are burnt They even react to treatment the same as though the burns are real I have only had it twice and thats enough sue

  • No I dot think its quite as bad as that, sometimes the pain goes from the bottom of my foot thru to the top, that's feel sore and like a burning pain and I have to put. Pressure pad on the ball of my foot, my legs nine times out of ten feel like they are on fire and sore and no matter what i do i cant get comfortable they feel like they are burning right inside, ...Dee

  • I get the very same feelings in my feet & legs. I am forever taking my feet in & out of my slippers and quilt. Julie

  • Hi,

    I have nerve pain in my feet and almost constant tight, crampy feeling in my legs which my Consultant said is fibromyalgia related. The symptoms can vary from person to person so although we have a general group of symptoms we don't experience them in exactly the same way as each other, if that makes sense.



  • Hi Mark5177

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are having this problem and I genuinely hope that you can get some resolution and relief to this issue.

    I must admit that mine are totally the same as yours! I think it is something that you really should discuss with your GP on your next visit, just to rule anything else out.

    I have pasted the FibroAction website link below and I really hope that you find it useful:

    Take care and good luck with this problem


  • Hello Mark

    Your symptoms do sound like it could be Fibromyalgia (but don't quote me I am not a doctor) I have Fibro as well as a number of other health conditions, Re; my Fibro I have the full 18 tender points so pain, stiffness, aches everywhere in my body 24/7, like you I am on a lot of medications, another problem I have which the Drs think was caused by my Fibro is

    Coccydenia, my god it is awful I have to lay down on my left or right side most of the time, I have to use a Coccyx Cushion when trying to sit but even so can only sit for a few minutes at a time. I try to move around the house as much as I can & do gentle body exercises twice a day it helps to keep moving but rest is also needed.

    I have just bought my self a sit/stand desk attachment for my computer it is great, makes it much easier for me to use me computer more often it takes just 5 seconds to adjust the attachment from sitting to standing position, I love it wish I had bought it a couple of years ago.

    I hope you get some answers & feel better soon x

  • Hi Jayjay I'm exactly the same as you i've had Fibro for 7yrs and its everywhere, Then I stareted with Coccyx pain. After scan's I was told I had deteriation at bottom of spine, and was suffering from Coccydenia I didn't know it could be connected to Fibro. I know what you feel like its bloody awful,constantly nagging, I'm like you move a bit sit a bit and stand a bit. Its like going on a merry go round. Keep going jayjay my thoughts are with you MG xx

  • Hello mgclassic

    Just wanted to say Thank You to your reply, I wonder can I private message you regarding the Coccydenia.

    Thank You regards Jayjay 57

  • Yes of cause you can jayjay anytime MGx

  • Hi mgclassic please edit this post do not reveal your e-mail address on the open site. you should private message it to who ever please remove quickly thanks xgins

  • Hi, I've had very severe fibro my whole life (I'm 36) and never had any problems with my tender points/trigger points until last year so don't take that as a gospel symptom of fibro, when I was young (up until I was 16) I only ever had any real pain in my legs, it was only when my parents moved me to a seaside town for a very cold winter when I was 16 that I started having problems with my hands, now every inch of my body hurts like a b#%^*€d all the time, but I always found that my legs would hurt no matter how much or how little they'd been used during the day, and that they only really kicked up the pain level once I was laid still, as if the signals for movement blocked the signals for pain, but to answer your question, everyone I've spoken to about having fibro has this same symptom in the same way and place, so it looks like its just another fun thing we have to live with, I always found a hot water bottle helped loads, and see if you can get your dr to prescribe an analgesic cream such as algesal my OH massages me in my worst pain areas with it and then we add a hot water bottle to help it absorb faster and I've found it can really make a difference

    Hope this helps


  • Oh my I thought I was the only person who has to sleep with they feet and legs out of the bed, it feels if as my whole bottom half is on fire. I have pins and needles down my legs more so the right side but the pain in the lower half of my legs has made many a sleepless night

  • Your not alone. Most nights I too sleep withy feet sticking out o the covers. I can stay off my feet all day and they will still hurt at night. But after I get some sleep they do feel better. I'm guessing it is the brain doing something because 10 minutes after I wake up, the body aches will start without me doing anything. Such is life with Fibro.

  • hi, i'm new to the site and have just been diagnosed with Fibro.I too have a severe ache in my legs as well as aching all over.some days are not as bad as others,but if i overdo it i usually end up in bed next day with hot water bottles on the backs of my legs.

  • Hello neveah welcome to the site. We are a friendly lot who are always ready to help each

    other out with advice or to be the person who listens when you need to have a moan. We also use jokes and virtual trips and adventures as a means of keeping our minds off things.

    Feel free to join in or not whatever suits you.

    In the meantime why not go on to the fibro action site where there is lots of information about fibro. To get onto the site you only need to go to the top of the page and click on the yellow butterfly. looking forword to seeing you around hugss sue

  • Hi Neveah55. Welcome. I too have the exact same symptoms. And if I over do it physically, I'm in bed all the next day.

  • Hi neveah55

    I do not remember if I have welcomed you to the forum yet, so a big hello! I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I also genuinely hope that you find the forum as useful as I do.

    Take care


  • Hi there Mark. I have all over chronic pain and I also have pains in my legs and feet. I have T2 diabetes and some of the nerves in my feet are not as good as they should be, but I also find if my legs are perhaps pressing on something for a long time it causes terrible sitting in a narrow chair, the sides of the top of my legs is painful to touch for days afterwards. Today, the backs of my calves are painful and I think it might be due to me sitting on a low sofa at my friend's last night.

    All my best wishes

    Sue XX

  • Hi Sue, I have heard that diabetes causes nerve damage in your feet. That must be very pain. I can only imagine what you must be going through along with having Fibro. I wish you the best and God bless.

  • Hi Mark, my legs and feet have always been a problem and at times feel I've run a marathon; they hurt and are so hot at times I feel I could put them in a bucket of ice. I'm another one who has to sleep with feet out of bed to keep them cool. I find it hard to describe the pain in my feet except it feels like an elastic band cutting the blood supply off. Never mind I'm of to the excercise bike now, well thinking about it.

  • I know exact how you feel. It does feel like you have run a marathon. I take pain medication for my body aches but it does not help the leg and feet pain. It keeps me up every night. You mentioned an excercise bike. Do you find that helps?

  • Hi Mark - I did manage 16 mins on bike but in an easy gear. I find it loosens up the joints for a short while and gets the muscles stretching so not so achie and it makes you feel as though you're being pro-active and not giving in to fm. At one time I could easily do an hour every day no probs but the last couple of years I've given in to the pain but going to change that. By the way I've never been able to ride a real bike!!

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