Paroxetine for pain?

Been on paroxetine 20mg for many years, Dr tried it for chronic fatigue, and it helped. Realise now (I also had chronic pain) that it was fibro, but only got diagnosed couple of years ago. Was taken off diclofenac for oa, due to reduced kidney function. Then Gabapentin for a year, but spaced me out. Have had a 2 month break from all painkillers, but suffering too much! Started to take Tramadol on bad days, it helps. Now Gp saying, as I'm already on paroxetine, to double dose to see if that helps the fibro pain. I'm unsure about this, I'm aware of awful withdrawal from paroxetine do not sure I want to take more! However, if it helps with pain, it might be worth it! Anyone use it for fibro pain?

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  • Hello Fightingwithdad Have you read your Patient Information Leaflet? That will tell you the optimum dose and if it is safe at that dose to take with Tramadol.

    In the end it is your body and your choice. Find out as much information as you can, including Google to give a balanced picture.

    My GP wanted me to up my morphine but I have declined after reading about withdrawal symptoms here.


  • Thanks. The intention would be to only take 40 mg paroxetine, and not take Tramadol at all. After many years on diclofenac, which was excellent for oa pain, but did nothing for what I now know was fibro pain, I was shocked to discover my kidney function was under 50%. Hence my desire to take as few meds as possible! Sadly, my 2 month trial on no pain killers has only proved that I have to take something at least on bad days, or suffer unnecessarily!

  • Paroxetine is Paxil, an antidepressant of the SSRI type. It helps relieve moderate pain from fibromyalgia. I have never taken it for fibro myself so I can't comment about it. There are other drugs you can take if you want to avoid paroxetine. Tricyclics are very effective but have many side effects. Tricyclics are useful if you're having sleeping problems because you can take them at bedtime in order to get some sleep. Some SSNRIs are also effective and have less side effects than tricyclics.

    So you have many options besides paroxetine. If your GP can't help you it's time to switch to a psychiatrist who is trained and educated to manage all kinds of drugs and drug combinations to get the best results for you. I hope you find the right answer for you.

  • Hi BonnieSue , Thanks fir that info, I wasn't aware they were one in the same.Have a good day! ! Peck.🐤

  • The reasoning is to stay on paroxetine, I find it very helpful for fatigue, hence Gp suggesting to double dose, as I'm on it anyway, and I'm so apprehensive of taking meds after the effect diclofenac has had on my kidneys. Pain clinic put me on amitryptyline and gabapentin, gabapentin spaced me out, amitryp. did nothing, maybe because I'm fortunate that having been diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea, and now using a cpap machine, I seem to sleep really well, rarely wake with pain, only cramp.

  • Hi Fightingwithdad

    I have never been on Paroxetine but am very interested to hear that it helps with your fatigue as I suffer with ME as well as Fibromyalgia.

    I am no doctor, but I would have thought that the withdrawal would be much the same with 40mg as it would be with 20mg. It may just take longer to come off it.

    I was taken off Diclofenic about 3/4 years ago as studies has shown that it can cause internal bleeding and ulcers.

    Why don't you try doubling your dose and see how you go? If you don't find any difference you could always very slowly (with your GP's approval) wean yourself back down to 20mg.

    I would have thought that if you gave it 3/4 weeks that should be long enough to give you an idea if it will help.

    Obviously it is very much your decision. If you do decide to come off the Tramadol please do make sure that you wean yourself off it incredibly slowly and under the guidance of your GP.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Please let us know how you get on.

    Wishing you much peace

    Lu x


  • Thank you so much. Think that's a good point, I could always go back to 20mg ....admit it's the withdrawal I dread. When I changed Gp practice nearly 20 yrs ago, they insisted I came off paroxetine, it was done very slowly, apart from the horrendous withdrawal symptoms, one of the worst was the 'electric' zapping through my head, the awful fatigue returned, so I know, for me, paroxetine is helpful, so I don't intend coming off the 20mg. As far as Tramadol, I used it post knee replacement surgery last July, I only use it on my worst days, as again, I am concerned about withdrawal. But paroxetine is maybe worth a trial for fatigue?

  • Here, paroxetine is prescribed as seroxat.

  • Hi Fightingwithdad

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? This is not a drug that I have ever been prescribed but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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