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Son getting married (Bad start!)

I amin Milton Keynes for my youngest son's wedding today. Arrived yesterday to find our accommodation was not suitable for us. Booked a chalet type place which could sleep 6. Turned out that it meant 6 midgets! Had my parents with us, my Mum has had 2 hip replacement. Master bedroom was one of these very low beds and other one was up some extremely steep stairs with no hand rails. Very disappointed!!! Spent a few hours looking for a suitable place for her to stay at. Managed to find one. We stayed at chalet. Worst nights sleep in a long time. We are cutting our losses and have booked a hotel for remainder of our stay.

Wedding is this afternoon so really looking forward to it. I am in agony and really tired but Will put disastrous start behind us and enjoy ourselves.


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Sorry to hear you've had a less than brilliant night, but hopefully the joy and happiness of the wedding will more than make up for it :) xx


Oh Caz, I feel for your experience, that uncomfortable night (despite the care to research suitable options. So sorry for the agony and tiredness.

And feel your wisdom to change place - and put that behind you and enjoy yourselves for this precious, special day.

Hope the new hotel works out much better for you - and that the joy of your youngest son's Wedding will fill your heart for a long time to come. And congratulations for you, being a Mum-in-Law ...and for your son and his new wife !

Kind Wishes

RockRose :-)

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I am so sorry to read that your accommodation was so unsuitable but please do not allow this to spoil a once in a lifetime experience of your youngest sons wedding.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish the bride and groom a wonderful and happy marriage.

All my hopes and dreams for all of you



Best wishes for the wedding :D xxx


Well we have survived!!

Thank you all for your lovely posts and kind words.

We are home. Tired and hurting (and a lighter bank account, lol.) but it has all been worth it. We had a lovely day and the weather was sunny and warm. My son made me laugh (I know I shouldn't have) he had bought a navy suit with white spots, told him he could have had a bigger size, I was told that it was a skinny suit and was supposed to be like that. He also had a bow tie on, all his mates said the only thing missing was a sonic screwdriver (Matt Smith, Dr Who). My new daughter-in-law looked lovely. Her dress suited he wonderfully she's very slight and she couldn't have found a nicer one if she'd had it specially made.

I am going to rest for a few days to recharge my batteries.

Thank you again. So glad I joined.

Caz. Xx


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