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dear Argos we love you NOT

dear Argos we love you       NOT

these are true events and my mind is still rotating its worse than fibro fog.

order no AD065728065 placed 34/6 del due thursday 29/6

does anyone having any inkling of what exactly is going on here...

I have had had the following answers


they got seperated from main order will b delivered monday instead


cant tell you anymore than you can find at courier

have rebooked them to send out on thursday

second call made tuesday

i have tracked these and they were loaded for delivery twice and never delivered

third call tuesday

will re book the delivery for thursday.

email from me to cust services produced a phone call from fraud dept

answer recvd was

we know they werent stolen because there was never any stock to send you in the first place!!!!!! (so what was loaded on the truck twice then?)

they are coming in on 19th remind us on 17th and we will resend the order.

today this email stating

please leave your order no as this is a discontinued line and we will credit your account

and the ,ost amazing comment ofall was


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ha ha wot ?so where is your you have some evidence of how you paid?when?what the items were etc?

Then take all or ring the regional branch will be on internet and demand a full investigation?

Thats what i would have been treated badly.x


I have already done that hence the phone call from them with promise of new stock yes i have proof etc just found this mind blowing lol hope you okay today. petal


lol i am completely baffled and so i can understand how you are i only hop e i dont get the same service on tue next week i have 2 x items of furniture being delivered lol betwwen 7 am and 12 lunchtime and the driver will call me 15 mins before he arrives so lets wait and see lol i may be on here next tue with your items having been delivered and you may get mine lol love diddle xxxx


any thing is poss in this land of fantasy called argos land/


Ikea it is then lol




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