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I read a story in our local paper yesterday which I had mixed feelings about. A young man was reduced to shoplifting because his £197 a wk benefit, including Disability allowance, had been cut to £30 a wk..He stole clothes and baby stuff. He will be sentenced next wk. At first I thought "poor bloke, he must be really desparate, that is a big drop in income and you cant keep a family on that". There must be loads of this sort of thing going on now.But then I read what he gets Disability for. Chemical addiction (drug dependancy). THAT IS SELF INFLICTED. At this point I was very angry that people like us who suffer illnesses NOT BY CHOICE, are having their benefits taken away. No one forced drugs into his body. So I think £30 a wk is punishment. Its his family I feel sorry for. Perhaps a stay in prison will actually help him to get off drugs.

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  • i totally agree with you on this i think sometimes people actually get lost in the system and get away with blue murder untill they do something like hes done well thats karma! im just about to start the ball rolling myself armed with docs letters and also rheumatologists and my work also backing me up , so wel see what happens im expecting the worst after reading the stress that others have gone through asking for help!! :)

  • Well I wish you luck and hope it turns out well

  • These kind of stories make my blood boil! Am glad he got his money reduced - I just feel bad for the baby though - but I guess that depends really on what the baby's mother get's money-wise.

    For us fibromites it's hard enough trying to get our condition accepted as a disability and even harder on us again, to constantly claim and appeal to get DLA - If we're lucky enough! Good luck to one and all of us in our fight!

    Gentle hugs,

    Carol x

  • Here here .., wow now i feel am in parliment lol.. I dont do the poliyical things .

    Yes am sure i know ppl on benefits too who cud wrk and i am taking huge cut to my income to pay for help in hope for a miracle which i think am never going to recover but live in 'hope' i am struggling today just driving around in and out of houses with my daughter i am crying at steering wheel cos i wont give in to it!!! I literaly beg him above to help me get better. I dont claim anything at all... Xxxxxxxx

  • I know someone who had been getting incapacity benefit for years whilst going on 3 month backpacking holidays and cycles 25 miles and fought to get their blue badge back ... its such an awkward predicament for me because you feel bad for not reporting them and even worst if you do !!! well their on state pension now ... Grrr always annoyed the hell out of me, oh and I'm the fake CFS/FM no I'm just lazy.... Double Grrrr.


  • Yeh, we're all putting it on just to screw the government,thats what they would like us to say,but we CANT say that COZ ITS NOT TRUE. But what the ATOS "professionals" are doing isnt lying...is it???????? Tell you what mr Cameron, you can have my Fibro any time you want...............

  • We have the same problem in the States. Alcoholics and drug addicts get disability while people with chronic pain get denied over and over. I love the people who have disabled tags on their car with ski racks or bicycle racks.

  • he is probably stealing baby clothes to SELL to get money to top up his habit. just cos they go on methadone does not stop them adding other drugs which they have to pay for again at our expense. What they need is to be forced into rehab and do some hard labour. sorry off the soap box now. these people really annoy me!

  • i no a few ppl who get dlaand have carers cos they have and/or sill using drugs it really makes my blood boil that they get a bus pass so they can get anywhere to buy the drugs and get more money to pay for them i am living on 55 a week im losing my bungalow cos i cant afford the topup so yes i really dispise these ppl and dont see why we have to fight tooth and nail to get the smallest allowance for something that has been inflicted on us in my case its cos of trauma ofrom various reasons im having a really bad day today and im so depressed in myself and reading things like this really does annoy me and i sit and wonder if i was to put the drugs into my system would it be easier ive never taken any non precribed drugs but at this moment it makes me feel that i would be oblivious to it all and get the financial help as well lol win win situation (pity i couldnt do something like that )

    luv and gentle hugs lyn xx

  • do you know i was talking about this yesterday to a client at my sisters salon her friend has a disablesd child newly diagnosed with 3 different syndromes and they have stopped her disabillity benefit why ???? she does not know shwe was at gt ormand street when the letter came and her sister opened it an dcalled them straight away to explain where there were and why she got a jobs worth on the phone who said she will have to appeal, !!!!!!!

    well last week i watched on tv a programme called the estate a man on there in his flat with gis dog was on £200 a week benenfits as he was an ALCOHOLIC ????

    i am not saying anything it is an addiction but i do get annoyed at a child who s parents have got to appeal for theirs to be reinstated when that child will need to be cared for by her parents for life and then put intpo a care system or with other family if the parents die early or indeed at the end of their natuarl life so that does wind me up how is that right he doesnt have to appeal and is handed it weekly no questions asked ??

    if you can work it out you are better than me

    ps i am not dissing anyone for being alcoholic/drug users/ or gamblers they are all addiction and some peope find hemselves in funny positions that they cant help so as not to upset antone on here

    love diddle x

  • What I can't understand in all this is why, if you are an alcoholic, you get given more money which is obviously going to be used to feed the addiction. I would have though the money they pay these kinds of people would be better spent on addiction clinics etc. to get them off the substances they are dependant on and then - wait for it - get them back to work.

    I know these things are addictions but it is very frustrating for sick people to have to appeal for any benefits they receive when they are ill and have not got the capacity to do so. I wish my illness was an addiction I could do something about!.

    love Angela xx

  • Oh No, I didnt mean to fire you all up so much.but its a huge wrong doing.I agree with Gypsycrafter,they should be forced into rehab, where theyd be "put away" to get clean.If they go to prison, joe-public pays for them to have food, a roof over their head and learn better ways of not getting caught. Perhaps enough on the subject now,lets talk about something nicer. My daughter just made me drive her to Tesco to get something nice to eat.we came back with the yummiest lemon cheesecake ice cream and we sat there and scoffed the lot. naughty naughty,but oooooooooh nice.x

  • mmmm sounds lush girl after my own heart lol nothing better than something naughty love to you diddle x

  • if addicts get help it shouldn't be in the form of money, they should be given vouchers for food etc, that way it cant be used on drink or drugs.

    I bet they don't have to appeal their claims!!!

    It really does upset me when you hear things like this, I bet the government have more sympathy for addicts! :( xxx

  • i have fibromyalgia cfs an underactive thyriod and arthritis and by the looks of it i will probably loose my benifits and motobililty car which i rely on to get around but mr cameron from what i can gather doesnt recognise my illness as a disabilty arghhhhhhh

  • i had an atos doctor come around and he has ruined my DLA claim.for some reason he put down that i live in a ground floor flat, when i actually live in a town house. He also said i had FMS/ ME but he did not mention the pain that i suffer he just concentrated on 1 of my other problems. where i was getting full mobility and middle care, i now get no mobility and low care. So i decided to fight it, i have had to fight it before. i have my tribunal in june.

    If you are applying for DLA for the first time, there is a good chance it will br dismissed, don't give up tell them that you disagree. you have to fight, even if you don't feel like you have the energy to fight

  • They are such a bunch of lying, twisting ********. How can they blatently do this to people who are suffering.Surely by now SOMEONE in the system has noticed all the complaints that they've written wrong info over and over.But then they're all in it together for their own gain.Cant say I blame them for making money (£70 each turn- down for a benefit) but its from vulnerable, deserving, suffering people like us.I HOPE THEY CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT WITH THAT CONSCIENCE. Pity WE dont sleep much due to pain,discomfort and stress over worrying we will lose our benefits.

  • Me again... Id like to know how many drug and alcohol addicts who get DLA or whatever, have to appeal against THEIR turned down claims????????? I havent heard of any yet

  • The benefit system really sucks!!! I know someone personally who gets disability benefit for Agraphobia among other things. I have to say she is the most outgoing Agraphobic I have ever come across!!! Even gets her children taken to school by 'paid' taxi. Yet can go to the airport to pick up parents etc. Re Bumblebees original blog. Unfortunately if the young chap did get a spell in prison it certainly wouldn't help his drug addiction as believe it or not it is easier to get drugs to feed their habits in prison than out in some cases.

    While on the subject of benefits. Is there anyone out here who is retired? I am due to retire next May age 61 1/2! I have tried to find out what additional benefits I can apply for if any, as I truely dread the thought of how I will manage. As I am the guardian of teenage boys. 1 at least will still be at home then, and at the moment I qualify for WTC, anybody know what is likely to be available. I have tried to find out through usual channels, but because I haven't got there yet, if you see what I mean, no-one will give me any helpful information. I need to make plans/lists,more plans etc.etc. Best wishes Sue.

    P.S. Hope you don't mind me hijacking the original blog.X

  • Hi Sue, no dont mind at all. there have been comments about drug addicts getting worse,not better in prison, so I hold my hands up and stand corrected.You see, Im a good girl, I dont know much about the prison system,lol !!!

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