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Thinking Of Holidays

Hi Fibro Friends

I was just sitting here listerning to my family talking about holidays and where they would like to go and i had a thought that wouldnt it be nice if there was a place where all us fibro friends could go on holiday then we could all meet and have a wonderful time as we would all be in the same boat with our illness so no one would feel out of place.....

But it would have to be somewhere sunny and hot as this would help with our pain levels and it would have to be cheep as alot of us are still fighting to get our benifits but wouldnt it be a wonderfull time for us all and a great time would be had by all .......

Just for a laugh and see how many would go ....

Where would you choose to go

Gentle Hugs to all

Gilly xxxxxx

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What a wonderfull idea Gilly,right now I could realy do with somewhere warm, im freezing. On our way to some exotic destination could we please stop off at dorset and spend a day at Monkey world? ,I have wanted to go for years is there anywhere else that someone would like to stop off at? We could have a great time before we even got to our holliday lol Sue


Coooo it's not far from where I am so you could all pop back to my tiny cottage for a Devon cream tea :-)


im in that's a great idea!:) i would like to go to a nice place that just catered for us & have a lovely pamper day & massage, hot tubs & our own private beach & stay there till night time i love the sea,we could build a big sandcastle & just act like kids for a day, we could go crabbing in rock pools or go cockling when the tide's way out,we would need beach scooters lol,then a firework display on the beach another night,then next day have a lovely barbeque &disco & party on the beach,my dreams go on & on &........what fun we would have :).


Sounds wonerful im deffinatly in


brilliant Bluebell could we manage a trip to the Maldives and do all these things while we are there :)

:D xgins


oooh yes gins! that would be even better mm imagine..... x actually thinking about it we would have to go to the maldives or somewhere hot,cos the way the weather is here atm we'd get washed away! x better get a new passport :)


Me too me three please, nice warmth without the humidity that makes us hurt, warm clear sea with such colourful fish ....... I'm off to pack my bags gins, meet you at the airport :D :D

Foggy x


Sounds like a great idea, but I would request two slight adjustments to your vision:

1. Please make it a moderate climate instead of hot, because hot weather just makes me feel listless and heavier.

2. Please can we have a dedicated carer each to accompany us... do all the packing, transporting, arranging, and everything else as well as stuff like massages and medication organizing while we are there?

Let's go!


o yes definately moderate not does the same to me guess i forgot what hot weather's like for a carer yes we really do need one of those x


I'll defo go for your second suggestion, it's actually what I've been wanting to do for ages, it's just a case of finding someone to go with :o

But if all of us from here go that would solve the problem :D


Sounds like heaven, love the idea of the beach scooter - definitely need one of those, and all that pampering, hot tubs, hot sand, clear blue sea. Mmmmmm. I wish xxx


ye sounds great even if i say it myself ooo mind me head lol,dont no where that idea came from,must of been remembering from a while ago when i wanted to go for a paddle but couldn't get to the water xx


I'm game!!! Defo like that idea, I went to turkey last year for the first time and I LOVED it. Great fun was 45'C but can't tell and there was a breeze.

I only took medication on the night time because the beds were so hard and uncomfortable but other then that I wasn't in any pain.

I could walk for miles and was not in any pain!

I would like to suggest..

1, Spain (as I have heard u can get a cheap holidays for there).

2, Creet (my friend has been there and said it was lovely).

3, turkey (been there love to go back).

4, Portugal (went there once for a family holiday).

I haven't got a carer, though could bring a friend.



hi tenerife is my fav place and i am considering moving there for good.

but for all of us i plan win 100mil plus then buy a larg island in the sun then divide it one side hot and the other modartly hot and a space inbetween both were we can all meet up

you can bring carers but dont worry ther will be plenty of staff on hand to take care of your evry whim.

i'm now off to design the luxury villas let me know of anything you may want in yours

see you all there lin


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