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Pip assessment

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Hello out there it's another night I can't sleep with the pain.

I have some good news for a change, my assessment was done about three weeks ago,I thought it would take longer for a decision but got the dreaded brown envelope this morning,hubby had to open it and read it to me I was so scared.Well I got it both parts lower rate but better than nothing. I was so surprised as I know a lot of people have been waiting ages for it or didn't get it πŸ˜‚ I'm sorry for those who didn't get it but keep trying. Good luck !!

Happy sleeping x

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I am absolutely delighted to read that you managed to achieve a PIP award, and I want to say congratulations! I am so sorry however that you are having another sleepless night due to your pain. I sincerely hope that you can manage to get some sleep.

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi, that's great news, a success with pip, i am currently waiting on a decision on my assessment, early days though, just going into week 2, i was told it could be upto 8 weeks for a decision. I hope you managed some sleep & that your pain eases for yo xx

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I was told 8 weeks got mine back in 2 week so good luck x

Good news about your PIP award, I'm still waiting for a decision on a reassessment after completing the forms for this in August last year I had the physical assessment in January. I've chased as I was concerned that if they are going to reduce or remove the award (I get low level mobility and care) I might have to pay the money back. DWP say don't worry so I've given up chasing them and will see what will happen.

Sorry that your pain is bad and keeping you awake, nothing worse. That's why I'm up at 6am on a Sunday morning, laying in bed makes the pain worse although sitting up myakes my feet go numb. The joys eh!

Take care and hope you soon feel better x

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I had my mobility reduced from higher rate to lower rate at a tribunal And wasnt asked to pay any back.


Well done to you. It will help a little.

Take care and enjoy your day xx

Well done x

So pleased for you, why is it so hard to get the benefits we so rightly deserve? This makes me so angry 😠 especially after watching a programme on benefits last night, if you have loads of kids and don't work the government pay for everything, but people like us either struggle on and don't apply our get refused, where is the justice in that. Sorry, rant over! I am really pleased for you hope it may curb some of your aches and pains. X

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I watched that programme to then they go and put on ***** on benifits, i watched 5 minuets of it and i couldnt watch anymore, how can theses people get away with this. (edited by admin) its an outrage when people who actually LIVE in this country get left in the dark for months by the benefits system

Rant over for now, and congrats on the goodnews sweetpea fingers crossed i get some too

Have a nice day everyone


Oh I'm so pleased for you πŸ˜ƒ it must be a great weight off your shoulders, the good thing is it's not means tested. I'm on the lower rate care component of what was DLA, which they said at the time was ongoing.....however I know that sometime soon a PIP assessment request will come winging its way through the door 😳😳 Anyway now you don't need to live in dread and you can start using the pennies to help yourself to what you need to get byπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ƒ

I'm so sorry about the pain keeping you awake, a subject I know all too well about, but I'm sending lots and lots of positive soporific vibes your way hoping that tonight they will bring you some freedom from pain sufficient to allow you to fall asleep πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Foggy x

I was so glad to read your post and that you have had a good decision in such a short time. As you say every bit of money helps.x

Congratulations on your award, I had my letter 12 days after my assessment. I hope you are feeling better soon x

I still manage to work full time so I have not considered. A pip. There are personal health budgets available for people with long term chronic conditions. Has anyone been successful in this area.? I would like to apply for blue badge as this would help I won't apply because I am working but like you not sleeping much.

Great news for you gives others hope

You can still apply for PIP if you are working as it's not a means tested benefit πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€

Foggy x

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Great to hear that someone has managed to get support from PIP. I didn't get any PIP. I was given 6 points for other health issues that I have, but these ones aren't the ones that stop me getting to work. The 6 points weren't sufficient for me to qualify for any payments. The Fibro. and ME do often stop me getting to work, but not recognised as contributing to any points for disability payments. I have now had to go to part-time working and often, due to the chronic pain and extreme tiredness, still can't get into my office. Thankfully, I have a job that allows 'flexible' working. Financially, due to part-time working, struggling to pay mortgage and so looking to sell my home. I also can't manage my stairs - loo upstairs - and as I can't afford adaptations to my home :( , find everything a bit of a struggle. So that also means that I have to sell.

Like many people with Fibro. and ME we have all contributed to the state. Why then is it that only few get the support that is needed?

Well done Sweetpee. :) Well done!

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Hiya, I was reading last night that your local council has a fund it can use to help pay for adaptations to houses for those who need it. Think its up to Β£30,000.00 (30k). Definately worth you looking into that.



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I work and did get a blue badge. You really have to put in the worst case scenario for your condition. I don't mean lie. We all know that there are bad and good days. Bad days are a nightmare for even getting out of bed, never mind getting to work. So, yes, go for it! Don't feel bad about writing down the truth. Some days my blue badge can make all the difference to me not being in too much pain or completely exhausted before I start my paid work. Be positive, make people listen. If you find that you feel not very strong for arguing your case, get help to complete the form. Take someone with you who knows your condition and how it effects you. Good luck, take care.

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You nay also be entitled to a blue badge.

This link it to information onbenefits that you may be entitled to including PIP and the blue badge scheme.


good luck. Sue

Well done that will be a relief for you.


Congrats :)

Healing fluffies with a hamper of smiles for you :)

xxx sian :)

Hi sweetpea

Well done you!

What were you on before with DLA?

well done

Really please for you πŸ˜„ xx

I am so pleased you got it Sweetpee, as you say anything is better than nothing. Gentle Hugs. :)

so pleased for you on your pip award.

Well done on ur result, excellent news, I was unfortunate and didn't get it but putting in an appeal, but my own worse enemy as I still push myself to work and struggle through with the pain ❀

Well done I'm glad you've got the right result. Best wishes. x

Sorry, but what is a" pip assessment"?


Not had mine done yet but now its immanent dreading it I have high mobility with car a the moment but I've read there will be no longer able lease a car looks like I will need to buy a used car. I have middle care presently I have no idea what lower rate is under the new system better look it up to be prepared for the worse

So sad that some of my fellow sufferers are not getting the support they need x love to you all and stay as well as you can xxx

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