Pip assessment

Hi , I hope everyone is well this Saturday evening. Well I went for my PIP assessment on Thursday , so it is just the wait now . I think it went ok, the nurse was very nice who was doing it but it didn't half tske it out of me , even she commented on the fact that I looked very tired all of a sudden. So fingers crossed , I will let you know how it goes, love and hugs to all of you xxx

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  • So glad it all went well for you hope that the nurse reflects in her assessment report how badly her examining you affected you. Do keep us up to date with how it all goes.x

  • Hello rosewine, she actually did put it at the end of the assessment, and showed us exactly what she had written. Just the dreaded wait now. Hope you are keeping well , love and hugs to you xx

  • Good luck!! I had mine on Tuesday it terrified me! The wait is on x

  • I know Tilly, this is the hardest bit waiting on the dreaded brown envelope . Good luck to you , love and hugs xx

  • Glad it went well, I have mine on the 24th I'm dreading it, even more so because I get panic attacks being in strange places and with strange people.

  • Oh timtam , I am exactly the same , I have lost all my confidence and my biggest nightmare is going to a strange place and having to engage with people I don't know. I was exhausted mentally and physically when I came out . Best wishes to you in the 24th, love and hugs to you xx

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best with the outcome.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken xx

  • Hi, I too had my assessment last Thursday. Didn't go that well, the nurse did not know anything about Fibro. So under pressure I found it difficult to explain how it affects me. Don't want to go into to much details as it may frighten others who have to attend an assessment.

    Might be a thought to others, that they may be able to request a health provider assessment person who understand this illness.

    Best wish to all.

  • Hi , I'm sorry it didn't go to well for you, it's so hard when you get someone who doesn't understand , I was so lucky but still wary as I have heard so any people say that they may be nice but they are working for sept work and pensions at the end of the day , fingers crossed for both of us , love and hugs to you xx

  • Hi, I have been unable to work because of illness since 1985. Some time later I qualified for DLA including the high rate of mobility indefinitely. I have had many cars through the Motability scheme, and have one at present. About 6 weeks ago I was told by letter I needed to now apply for P.I.P. 3 weeks ago I had an office assessment with Asos. I receive a letter two days ago telling me that I had the standard rate for care and standard for mobility and that my Motability car had to be returned. I think this is very unfair as I had been promised by the government I had DLA indefinitely. If I were not so ill I would probably take my case to my MP and would also like to investigate whether this government is in breach of EU rules and also humans rights. I do belief that more people will be put in the same situation as I have been put in with no car.

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