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Pip assessment


Hi just thought i would let you know my assessment this morning went very well. The woman interviewing explained she was a very experienced nurse and had knowledge of all my illnesses. She was very friendly, polite and respectful. I was alloewd to go at my own pace, she asked loads of questions (all available through govt website) and at the end asked me to do a few simple moves, but only if able and it would not hurt me to do so. I did the ones i could. At no time did i feel uncomfortsble or badly treated. On finding out my dla had not been renewed (hence pip application) she was genuinely shocked. She apologised that it took so long but kept telling me the more information i could give her, the fuller the picture she could pass on .i was there for about 1.5 hours, and exhausted by the end.came home and slept. Fingers metaphorically crossed

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Well done you. So refreshing to hear of an assessor who understands fm. Do hope you get positive confirmation too.

Good luck my fingers are crossed for you too x

Good luck my fingers are crossed for you too x


Hi Shazzy

I've been advised to apply for PIP and finally plucked up the courage to ring and request the forms.

Please can you let me know how long it took for your assessment to come through?

Good luck with your outcome. I hope it's in your favour.


maco100 in reply to Hidden

hi i rang for the forms late last july and had my assessment 2 days ago. and that is going to be at least six weeks to sought out. good luck

Hi Bm, i first applied with help of CABureau as they knew how to fill in forms, whixh were long and confusing, in January. I rang dwp a few times asking what was happening and got a phone call out of blue last Thursday saying could i attend Tuesday. So almost 6 months altogether, all the best

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Thanks Shazzy. The whole process is so nerve racking. Will be thinking of you. Best wishes

Brilliant experience. I hope your claim goes through smoothly




Well done Shazzy :)

Big sigh :) its over with now and am so really pleased it went well for you we don't get many positive reports after medical assessments so it's Fab to hear your story :)

Keeping my toes crossed Shazzy and sending fluffies and smiles :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


She sounds very much like the lady I had. So pleased it went well hugs sue xx

Hi Shazzzy

I just want to wish you all the best of luck with the outcome, and I genuinely hope that you get the decision that you desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

It really does seem that those doing the PIP assessments are much better that those that did the DLA. What I really like when I had mine was that the assessor had all my information on the computer so I didn't have to go over everything again. I personally find the PIP process is much better, clearer and fairer than DLA

Thanks to everyone for the best wishes and just remembered woman from pip assessment recomended drinking tonic water to help with restless legs and jerkiness, she said cos of quinine in drink.

Hi shazzap 12, i agree, i think this was more straightfoward, no stupid questions and assessor had all relevant information at hand. I truly hope thi is reflected in the outcome. Whhen was your assessment?

hi there,

so pleased that your assessment was not as bad as you thought it might be. pleased that the assessor understood FM. will keep fingers crossed for you and hope that you get the outcome you deserve.


Hi Shazzzy, sorry I put a question to you after you posted that the night before your inquisition you were awake with butterflies comment, to ask how you got on.

So glad to hear you had such a positive experience with the nurse, knowing that helps to quell the fears of others who must go through it too.

It sounds like they may be actually placing people that are familiar with the actual conditions of the person making the claim, which is an enormous step forward.

I haven't been looking forward to being re-assessed in the future as I have DLA for an indefinite period, think that may start next year.

H x

Great to hear your news. I'm scared stiff about it. Nothing in my life has changed except for the worse. Now need hearing aid, more help at home. Worse pain and terrible depression so I don't know why I'm so scared for mine which will probably be in January when my DLA runs out? Do I contact them before or wait to hear from them?

Yes good luck! I hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Hi Lottieonline, not sure as they are behind with doing pip assessments, there is a large back log taking them an average of 6 months to deal with at moment. But, i also know people who sent dla renewal forms back early and had dla stopped before end of stated period, when they were turned down. Probably i personally would wast to be contacted.

good luck hope you get a posotive outcome.hugs.lilianx

Thanks Lilian

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