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PIP assessment ATOS

After applying in October for pip, I have received my assessment date for 6th may. The appt is for 9am 20 miles from me, my other half will drive as I can no longer drive due to medications.

Can I ask for a later appt or will this go against me? I will need to be up at 4am to allow enough time to take meds, get ready and travel. My condition has deteriorated since the original application, really not looking forward to this but need to get it out the way.

Any advise gratefully received.


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I cannot see any reason why you cannot request a later assessment time especially if you explain your reasons? I can imagine that if they are reasonable and understanding then they will agree to this. However, please be aware that it may not be on the same day as they will be working to a diary system and I can imagine that all appointments would probably already be allocated unless they have any cancellations.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment for PIP, good luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Yeah ken is right :) They should be okay with it if you just explain them.

Good luck hope it goes well


Ask for another appointment if it's needed. They tried to give me my first appointment at 9am in Eastbourne which is a 91 minute bus journey not including getting to and from buses (which I can't do, nor can I use public transport). I told them I couldn't go that far, next appointment was in Brighton (where I live) and less than 5 mins in a taxi... You may have to wait again to get a new appointment but if you can't make an early one it is probably worth it :) Good luck!


Hi Hun I would ask for a later appointment, today I have just got my pip assessment through I to have got to go on the 6th May in bloody Southampton I live in Poole, luckily my husband can take me but has to book time off I'm a little worried, hope it all goes well for you Hun xxxxx


There would be one plus about accepting that time as getting up so early you would probably look like you had been warmed up for the purpose and would probably be incoherent with pain and fatigue which can only be a plus on the day. Whatever you decide to do you have all my good wishes and I hope you are successful. The money can never compensate us for our poor health but it makes life easier when you can buy things to make life easier. Do let us know how you get on.x


Personally to be quite honest I would stick with this appt. time! I had a court date for disability which was one hour away from my destination I had been waiting for over a year! Perhaps you can find someone to drive you. Hope all goes well! :)


Thank you for all for your help on this one. I've decided to stick with this one, being the first appt of the day hopefully won't be delayed so one less stress. Don't really want to delay it anymore, best to get it out the way.

Rosewine you are correct I will be in my worst scenario, mornings aren't good and trying to deal with questions will be interesting.

The other half will have to drive me, so he'll be stressed out not only fighting me in the morning but the traffic!

Good luck dondons99 for the 6th to too!

Penny xx


Yeah you can ring and ask for a different date. As I did that and yet were okay with it. As they told me I wouldn't be able to change it again. Xx


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