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Do you catch every germ going?

Hi All,

Sorry I've not been answering any posts, I do read lots of them! I've been continually ill since Christmas, with germs that do the rounds. It's really getting me down, to the point I'm scared to go out incase I catch another germ. I've had very bad flu twice, then aa series of coughs and colds and very bad fibro pains too!

I just feel I have no immunity. I never used to catch coughs and colds. Is this common with fibro? Also any one got any good ideas for really bad back and shoulder pain.

Thank you for reading. (( Gentle hugs)).

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I've just begun to see a 'new to me'Chiropractor....for head, neck, shoulders arms and really the rest of me !

This one Has a different approach, I'm hopeful, we'll see.

Here in Yorkshire, patients can see an NHS a registered/private chiropractor for about nine sessions without paying...its a GP referral. I imagine it's the same all over England ?

I'll post again, but this is not a quick fix, it may be a while before I see progress.


Hi Lizzyear

I am so sorry to read that you have been ill for such a long time, and I genuinely hope that you start to feel more like your usual self again soon. I do not tend to get too many viruses, but saying that I have had one just recently.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I am lucky. I have got quite a good immune system but when I get ill it takes me a long time to get over it. I had flu over christmas and it took a month for me to get over it and then of course the usual problems kicked in for a couple of days. This year I will definatley have the flu jab.


The thing with any auto immune disease, is that your immune system is compromising itself. So yes, more "bugs" than the average person are likely to get through.


Hello Lizzyear, I absolutely feel for you, with these recurrent viruses - so whacking in their own right, not to speak of any other condition you are experiencing.

Its something we share in common, as I've been housebound since 10 December for similar reasons.

Focussing on immunity...I wonder whether you're exploring nutrition and supplements? I'm quite new to this site, and imagine there may be some good posts on that around...but I personally take vit D daily and sub-lingual vit B12 plus a general multivitamin and mineral pill.

I don't know if you experience this too, but because of being zonked, I found I wasn't cooking properly, and so starting exploring better and easier ways to ensure good nourishment.

One thing I find helpful is sour cherry juice, which apparently has goodness of 23 fruits and vegetables all in one serving, though I haven't checked that scientifically...

And we're still in the betwixt and between season, sometimes Wintry and wild, sometimes hinting at Spring.

So I also hope for both you and me (and others experiencing similar) that Spring and Summer will ease this and restore at least a little more well-being.

Hope this helps bring another angle to your exploring.

Human hug for you, through the airwaves (if you want, and only if you do).

:-) xx

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Vit. D deficiency is not uncommon with autoimmune diseases. My doctor has found over the years that I have to take a lot: 5000 IU a day over the winter (Vit D3 with K2). I also use some natural immune-boosting elderberry tonic. I used to get sick all the time but since starting these two things, I get sick much less often. I hope you can find something that works for you. It's no fun catching a virus on top of everything else.

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