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Really painful feet!

Been having a really bad flare for nearly 2 months now. For the last few weeks my feet have been really painful. It hurts with any movement and the smallest amount of pressure. Has anyone else experienced this? Had fibro for almost 4 years now and I've never had this so not sure if it is just another one of the joys of fibro.


Becky xxx

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Hi Becky I to suffer with painful feet it probably is to do with fibromyalgia cos I have that and am in pain a lot and get very fatigue Down in the dumps gentle hugs. Ros


Hi beckyglen

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I do get a problem with pain in my feet but I think mine is related to another problem in my back and discs. It may be a good idea to discuss this with your GP if you get no improvement just to rule anything else out and keep your GP aware of what is going on for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Hi beckyglen. I too suffer from very painful feet, I have put it down to Fibro, but as Ken said have it checked out to make sure it's nothing else, I also have a problem with my back so that don't help, let us know how you get on

Hugs Mazz x

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Hey beckyglen. I also suffer daily with painful feet , this is where my fibro started .i have it everywhere now. Must say it ruins my life most days . I work 12 hour shifts on my feet all the time and my knees and back are killing me by the time I finish my shift , my days off are spent recovering . Sorry for the moan but sick and tired of living on pain killers all the time .sorry to hear that other people are suffering the same . It's a great comfort to just pick up my iPad and their is always somebody else I can speak to whatever time of the day or night x Billie


Hi Billysmini.I to am tired of taking more and more pain relief.When I mentioned it to the doctor about reducing some he was not happy but said I could reduce slowly.At the moment I am in a great deal of pain so will not do it.When I am feeling better may do so.Best of luck.xx


Morning Beckyglen'

My goodness feet are such a sore problem. I dont know how many of us suffer from feet troubles but I suppose it should not be a surprise after all there are so many little bones, ligaments all of which we rely on every day to keep us upright and carry our bodies through thick and thin. :)

I have a rotten time with my feet . I can barely walk with the pains and problems with shoes too. I have a list of things that I do to keep the pain levels as low as possible.

1. A lovely soak in a basin with a couple of drops of tea tree oil. The oil helps keep the feet in good condition and loosens any hard skin.

2. Always pat dry do not rub and silly as it dsounds make sure you dry between those toes.

3 Keep your toe nails short if you cannot cut them go the Doctors and they have pediatricians available to help just ask it is a free service.

4. Like your hands your feet need regular lotion massaged into keep them supple.

5. When seated elevate your legs the higher the better so the blood drains away. Even at night a pillow under them can make a difference.

6 Shoes I am afraid it is time to give up the heels and invest in a good pair of comfortable shoes which support your foot. A good pair will make a tremendous difference to the pains, if money is a problem trainers are good but they must fit properly.

Now the pain ,if you are like me the pain intenseifies when I am off my feet hard skin and callousnes can make it worse so I use a pumice stone to wear it down (file it off)

If my feet are swollen I use an ice pack ( it can be a bag of peas straight from the freezer popped into a pillow case so you don't suffer freezer burn. Wrap around and let it do its work Ten to fifteen minutes - I have been known to beg a t towel full of ice when out - ooh the relief. Paddling in cold water helps too and of course if you are lucky enough to have a bidet in your bath room jobs a good un.-* fill with cold water pop your feet in.*

I use the same pain killers as prescribed by Doctor.

So that is the most important thing do go and chat with you Doctor he may want to have an x-ray of the foot to make sure it is sound. Consulting our Doctors is the most important thing there is to do always refer to them they are trained and usually very helpful.

It may be Fibro or and then the list can grow so many things we can have wrong with our selves so please always feel free to contact one of us with queries. That's what we are here for and some one is always about 24/7 I had no idea I would go on so over my feet but I do hope it helps a little.



Hi i would mention it to your doctor as i had fibro about 8 years then go RA especially in my feet. cheers


Hi beckyglen, I get pains in my feet, left one is the worst. Hate it as it means I have trouble wearing my heels which I love, I'm not very tall so love the extra height. Darn fibro :)


I have feet days too. Hot water bottle at night in bed for feet to sleep on works for me.


ooh mine get too hot at night and cannot bear the weight of the bed clothes! Steamy xgins


Hi there beckyglen :)

I agree with everyone else with respect to consulting your GP and having a chat about this as it is clearly affecting your day to day life it could be a symptom of many things and being that I'm not a medical professional I can't tell you directly what it is. I'm currently under the consultation of a Podiatrist for my biomechanical problems caused by my high arches etc and have plantar fasciitis in my left foot and possibly my right one too. It is very painful and your problem sound similar to mine but you haven't given enough detail for me to gauge.

Gins has given you some wonderful advice and to follow on from her reply thought you may like to look at these Posts from the Past which discuss painful feet :) I hope you don't mind but I think you may find them useful :)

This recent post titled: CTS but in feet? (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

This is from 2 years ago but has a good discussion on it that I think you can relate to :) PAIN IN FEET

..............and this Popular Post from the Past : Does anyone else with Fibromyalgia suffer from incredibly painful feet (the balls of my feet are affected) and/or cracked heels?

Here is a link to a leaflet discussing Plantar Fasciitis:

Wishing you wellness and hope the links are useful for you please go and speak to your GP so they can help you to hopefully get this problem under control. :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


I had terrible pains in my feet a few months back which has calmed down a lot now, thank goodness. I got a referral to Podiatry as walking was becoming a real problem. They made insoles for me with padding in the worse effected areas which were a real help although they did make some of my shoes tight. I've gradually got myself a few pairs of shoes with good supportive padding. They're not cheap but really worth the money as they make such a difference and they tend to be made much better so will hopefully last well.


Do your feet burn?


hi becky ,yes i suffer from painful feet and it is accompanied with tingling electric shock pain.


Thank you all for your replies! The area that is the problem is between the ankle and toes, where all the little bones and tendons are. It feels like my feet have been stamped on :( I can't wear heels at all anymore - which I hate cos I'm only 29. My feet are always either really hot or really cold- no in between xxx


Hi Becky I have had Fibro now well over twenty years also suffer with arthritis of the spine plus type two diabetic. Somewhere along the path of daily pain my feet started to hurt the doctor put it down to me being type two and tried me on various meds sadly none eased the discomfort then he started saying it could be from the Fibro so sadly not sure what or which to blame but I do know the daily pain is awful ranging from my feet feeling numb but very painful if that makes spence. My feet feel like I am walking on broken glass and it doesn't seem to matter if I rest up all day or try and walk . The toes hurt very painful and quite honestly I believe this part of the daily fatigue is the worst and wouldn't wish this on a worst enemy if I had one. I try and soak my feet my wife regularly removes any dry skin uses creams to keep the skin supple . I take morphine for my Fibro slow release tabs plus oramorph liquid to try and reduce the pain but nothing helps my feet and I feel like perhaps a wheelchair is my way forward but know that by doing that would be giving in.Go to your doctor and try and describe what is going on for you as he might be able to give you some form of medication that might be helpful in your situation. I wish you all the best in the world and hope you can find an answer. Regards Mike. Fibro or nerve damage sadly I don't know which one to pin the donkeys tail on. All the best


I am having the same problem with my feet.So painful!Been using Voltarol.

Yes it is a symptom of fibro.My feet have been hurting ever since I was diagnosed in March.


I have the same problem with my feet.They are so painful.I had them x rayed this week and have to see a podiatrist.Also taking 2 more amitriptyline.I already take 3.The doctor recommended using a Tens machine and supports in my shoes.Good luck.😀😀


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