Do you find you catch every cough & cold going.........and that it totally wipes you out?

Hi Fibro friends,

Yes, yet again I have another cough & cold!! Totally wiped out with it. I only seem to be able to do a couple of hours work at my home business, then clasped out on my bed for rest of the day/evening! This must be the 6th cough & could I have had this year. Which normally ends up with antibiotics and steroids!! Feeling very fed up. Sorry for the moan. Hope you are all as well as you can be. x

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  • Hi Lizzyear

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you start to feel more like your usual self again soon. The problem with steroid sis that they lower your immune system and then you can feel worse for a time. I am on 10mg daily (permanently) as I have COPD and I tend to catch everything going! I have a very healthy diet with loads of fruit and vegetables but it doesn't really help.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi, like you I seem to get every infection going. In the last 5 months I have had tonsillitis, ear infection twice, bad cold and sinusitis. Have been on strong antibiotics 3 times. I use to only get the odd cold or throat infection in a year. I am convinced that fibromyalgia also affects your immune system because I have never been so unwell in such a short space of time in my life.

  • Hi Lizzy, I am suffering withna bad chest and sinuses again, one of my grandchildren has passed it on, I just need to walk past someone with a bug and bang I've got it, very frustrating! Hope you get well soon.

  • Hi I am one of the lucky ones, I can go for years without an infection of any type. I did have a nasty one a couple of weeks back, The first for at least 6 yrs.

    I wish every one could be the same.

    Sue xx

  • I have to say that since I started taking colloidal silver 4 years ago I very rarely get colds. I started using and taking colloidal about 4 years ago after numerous rounds of anitbiotics refused to clear up some feminine cysts and other skin issues. They have not been back, I have not had tonsilities, which I used to get about 3-4 times yearly and I very rarely get a cold. I swear by it.

  • Garlic!!! I swear by garlic!! I take a high dose garlic supplement - 1200mg a day - and I can honestly say I haven't had a cold for some years now. I have a flu jab every winter though, and I know it works as my daughter had swine flu a couple of years ago and it didn't touch me...thank goodness.

    The garlic I take doesn't leave any nasty smells either!!! XXX

  • Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. I to have the flu jab, but I still get the glue, but kid myself it would be so much worse, if I didn't have the jab!

    Keep well. Take care. Hugs x

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