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I know I have fibro, I've had it for nearly two years but after over a year of tests my GP and my Rhuematoid consultant won't say I have. All I get is it's a very foggy area - they are obviously in my world - We have to rule out everything else first. We've now ruled out everything else. My ESR levels are high, you don't get that with fibro, NO but you do if you have arthritis, which I have in my neck, shoulders and back. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis in my hips and plantar fasciitis. So one of those must be giving me brain fog, pains all over my body, flu like symptoms if I dare to walk the dog or go to the supermarket. Heaven forbid I do both in one day, because then I am really ill. I took a score sheet to my consultant to show the symptoms and I scored very high, he didn't even look at it and just said' I could say half my patients have that, you might but there is no cure!!! Come back in two months and we will see how you are then?; The same as I was four months ago, six months ago and worse than I was a year ago. I got my app through, it's for March, I saw him in Oct, TWO MONTHS??? I'm just being fobbed off, they think because I'm sixty next year I'm not worth worrying about. I'm desperate for help but no one hears me. I've done test after test on the internet, in most cases they say I have severe fibro, but who will back that up, if no one is listening. Anyone any idea what I should do?

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Well I was eventually told I had it by a brief consultation with a rhumitologist and the only treatment you get is to be stuck on pain killers that make you feel tired give you brain fog and get you constipated.


I bought a box of fresh dates yesterday, and had a few later on and well let's say i'm no longer constipated. The fresh ones are more expensive, but they taste much better are low in fat and cohlestrol which must be good if like me you need to lose weight.

Gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass


I was diagnosed with fibro several years ago, after just like you, I was being fobbed off and more or less made to feel that it was all in my head.

Firstly my GP referred me to rheumatology again, I was very reluctant to go as I didn't want to see this doctor ever again, but i was in so much pain and couldn't stand it anymore, so I decided ok try once more.

Once again his attitude was horrible, but he said he would refer me to Pain Management, and that was where I finally got diagnosed with fibro, which I hadn't heard off, and what a relief because at last I had found someone who understood what I was going through. I attended Pain Management courses and learned how to pace myself, which makes a difference, although it doesn't take away the pain.

However recently I was referred back to rheumatology as my arthritis has worsened, and guess what? The bloody idiot told me that in his own personal opinion there is no such thing as fibromyalgia! I have a follow up appointment in February, and I intend to keep a daily diary as to how each day is for me, and hopefully i can make him listen.

You mustn't give up, keep trying, even if it means changing doctors, if like me rheumatologists won't give you a diagnosis, try Pain Management, I am so glad I did.

Good Luck

Bonnie Lass


Unlike most people and this is going back over 20 years ago,I went to my gp nearly every week with a different ache or pain which wouldn't go away, he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia very quickly immediately followed by chostochondritis the rib cage pain, very common with fibro sufferers. I was luckiy he gave me leaflets , meds, and the booklet from the local support group I didn't see a rhemalogist .. Or three until I got arthritis 4 years ago

VG x


Hi peppersoo -- Could you get an appointment with another GP at your practice? You don't seem to be getting anywhere with the one you are seeing. Or even go to another practice! Then when you see someone new take a written list of all your symptoms and see if you can get a close friend or relative to go with you to help support you. Ask if you can be referred to a Pain Management clinic. Good Luck xx


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